Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Praise Obama’s ‘View’

Joy Behar and President Obama in The View's green room.  (Behar)

Joy Behar and President Obama in The View's green room. (Behar)

Joy Behar got as much mileage out of President Obama‘s appearance yesterday on ‘The View‘ as the country’s chief executive. She tweeted a photo of herself with Obama from the daytime show’s green room, then said, “Finally, some good food in the green room.” After the broadcast, as the media rehashed his visit, Behar tweeted, “When I asked President Obama about Snooki, he said he didn’t know who she was. That’s okay. Snooki doesn’t know who he is, either.” Nice.

‘The View’s resident Republican, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox New program Thursday night to give her take on the President’s sit-down, and it was surprisingly positive.

Hasselbeck said she had a “great conversation with the president backstage,” adding, “I think sometimes as a Republican or a conservative, you get pinned as hating all aspects of anybody who’s on the other side, and I certainly don’t. I can identify with Michelle as a mom. I had an incredible conversation with her on the phone…prior to the election. These are parents. They are, like us, wonderful citizens of this country. We just have differences in politics.”

The only moment that seemed to raise the easily riled co-host’s eyebrows was Obama’s response to her question about unemployment: “I thought the answer was crafty, and I thought it sounded good, but it sounded as though someone was on their heels,” Hasselbeck said.

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The LA Times‘ review praised Behar (“Thank God for Joy Behar,” it opened), and the Washington Post’s media maven Howard Kurtz gave the show a rave.

“Yes, the world was not panting to find out that the president of the United States doesn’t know who Snooki is,” he wrote. “And, as a Twitter enthusiast, I was personally crushed to learn that he knows nothing about his account other than that “some 20-year-old” is tweeting for him.

“But amid the chatter about pop culture and Michelle and the kids, there was actually an enlightening discussion about race, Shirley Sherrod, Afghanistan and the administration’s political difficulties. Obama was especially interesting when Barbara Walters said, “You do not describe yourself as a black president, but that’s the way you’re described. Your mother was white. Would it be helpful, or why don’t you say, ‘I’m not a black president, I’m biracial’?”

What did you think? Did you have any highlights?

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