Leonardo DiCaprio Pulling Out of Mel Gibson Viking Movie

The latest blow to the rapidly deteriorating career of Mel Gibson has come from Leonardo DiCaprio, who was slated to star in the director’s planned Viking epic. That’s not the case anymore – word is that DiCaprio is pulling out of Gibson’s project in the wake of the ugly domestic abuse scandal and Gibson’s general alleged bastardry.

It makes sense, of course, that nobody would want anything to do with Gibson right now, and it’s looking ever more likely that no one is going to want anything to do with Gibson ever again. Unfortunately, Jodie Foster doesn’t have that choice right now – she took a chance on Gibson by casting him in her latest project The Beaver, a comedy in which Gibson’s character has an unhealthy relationship with a hand puppet – and it seems she’s crapped out on that gamble. She’ll be lucky if her movie ever gets a theatrical release date, and it’s easy to speculate that she may even be tempted to reshoot the whole movie with somebody else.

As Gibson’s horrible behavior has pretty much given his career a Viking funeral – set it on fire and sent it out to sea to never be seen again – let’s take a moment to remember what he once was. Is it possible for the public to put blinders on and be able to enjoy the heights of his oeuvre in spite of his ugly scandal, or is that kind of treatment only reserved for icons on the level of Michael Jackson?

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