‘SYTYCD’ Recap: Did Billy’s ‘Androgynous’ Style Do Him In?

Billy (Photo: FOX)

Billy (Photo: FOX)

Did America just not “get” Billy Bell? Was it his androgynous look, dancing, or nature that did him in on last night’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ Lauren is an amazing dancer and, sure, it’d be cool for a female to win this thing. But to send the ridiculously talented Billy home over her – and after that solo that some said was the best on ‘SYTYCD‘ e-v-e-r? Well, I’m just not sure America and judges got this one right.

“We went with America’s voting mostly,” explained judge Adam Shankman after the double elimination results show. “Five weeks of being in the bottom says a lot. And, he is a brilliant, brilliant dancer but something’s not connecting. America basically voted Billy out…The best dancer on the show has never won. Ever.”

America did indeed vote Billy, Lauren, and Jose into the bottom three. Executive producer/judge Nigel Lythgoe revealed to us that the show had a 68% surge in votes this week and that there is just a 1.17 percent difference between the first and second place dancers. But it was the judges who put the final nails in Jose and Billy’s dancing coffins. Jose – though I love him and that great big smile of his to bits – deserved to go home because he simply was not talented, experienced, or versatile enough to even get this far, frankly. And, he knew it.

“I had an idea in my mind. You kind of just feel it, so in the morning I just enjoyed myself, kept myself positive, and just enjoyed the last day,” said Jose. When asked if he thinks he reached his full potential on the show, he said, “I think so. I think in other styles, I reached a point where it’s like okay I’ve learned enough. It would’ve been hard to like keep excelling without ever really stretching the technique and it’s hard to teach technique in a matter of days or weeks. So I think in other styles I definitely reached a peak.”

See Billy’s Signature Move:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance/1214/1525935609/Billy-s-Signature-Move/embed 580 476]

That’s quite honest and insightful of you, Jose. Well done.

So back to Billy: Was it his androgynous style that did him in like Nigel seems to think? Possibly. Though technically as cute and talented as Kent, Kent has won over the hearts of little girls  because he appears as the boy next door. But, Billy’s got edge. Billy’s got mystery. Billy has a certain je ne sais quoi that maybe the average 12-year-old girl watching can’t relate to.

“He has got this style that you don’t just see guys do or girls do, it’s his own unique style and it’s asexual. It’s not like a male. It’s not like a female. It’s his own unique style and it’s obviously not connecting with America,” explained Nigel of his on-air comment to Billy about being androgynous.

Billy reacted to the comment after the show with grace: “I don’t really think anything of it. I’m sure it was meant with good intention. And, honestly, I don’t mind being a little androgynous. I think it’s kind of fun,” he said with a devilish laugh, adding, “Oh, nothing’s wrong with America. [Laughs] No problem with them.”

“It was a hard decision to make tonight. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make. It was hard because we were losing two really good people from the show instead of one. The decision wasn’t difficult because we took everything into account with what America has been voting for as well and we weren’t going to lose Lauren tonight. She’s just too good to lose,” added Nigel.

Speaking of Lauren, the rumor backstage was that she needed medical attention Wednesday night because she was dehydrated, fell, and suffered a mild concussion. “She was dehydrated and collapsed,” Nigel confirmed, but he didn’t know about a concussion. As Lauren said on the show, she is doing just fine now.

Host Cat Deeley provided more detail, though: “She’s incredibly brave and a bit of a soldier too. Last night, she had her arm around me and she was shaking. She was in terrible trouble, but today she soldiered through,” said Cat. “They took her off the stage. I don’t know exactly what happened…I literally handed her off to a medic, but I know that she’s much better today.”

Meanwhile, Nigel address the rumors surrounding the recent changes in ‘American Idol.’ While he wouldn’t comment on Ellen DeGeneres leaving, he did address word about him returning to the show in some capacity, possibly as executive producer again. To that, he said this: “What’s happening is I’m getting an awful lot of publicity and I’m on every front page of trade magazines and am enjoying the limelight to be able to talk about the Dizzy Feet Foundation, the dance tour, Ticketmaster.com Dance Day and I’m using it to expose all of that to the media. If I said, ‘I am going back to ‘American Idol,’ they would only want to talk to me about ‘American Idol’ and not the dance foundation. If I said, ‘I’m not going back to ‘American Idol’ they wouldn’t want to talk to me. So I’m saying, ‘No comment,’ to everybody and enjoying basking in the limelight and the opportunities to talk about the Dizzy Feet Foundation.”

Don’t forget: National Dance Day is Saturday July 31. More information is at http://dizzyfeetfoundation.org

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