‘Being Human’s Aidan Turner Won’t Let Other Vamps Stand In His Way

Aidan Turner (Touchpaper TV and BBC)

Aidan Turner (Touchpaper TV and BBC)

The vampire genre is a crowded space on today’s pop culture landscape. With HBO’s ‘True Blood,’ CW’s hit ‘Vampire Diaries,’ and the ubiquitous ‘Twilight‘ series, newcomers are eyed with skepticism.

Enter BBC America’s award-winning drama, ‘Being Human.’

Starring a werewolf (Russel Tovey), a ghost (Lenora Crichlow), and a vampire (Aidan Turner) who cohabitate in a small English town, the series, now in its second season, has developed a cult following for its dark and gritty portrayal of supernatural life.

As the de facto head of household, Mitchell, played by a brilliant Turner, is a vampire with a heart. (And some serious cravings.)

Turner recently called from location in Wales to discuss the current season, why his fellow bloodsuckers won’t discourage him, and offer up his thoughts on the forthcoming American remake.

You’re shooting season three right now?
We’re about four or five weeks into shooting. We’re in Cardiff, Wales, which is different than the last couple seasons in Bristol. It’s been fun stuff. We’ve been working hard.

What was the reason for the move to Cardiff?
I don’t really know. I think it was something boring with the BBC.  It’s something we worked into the story, but I think the actual reason is not that interesting.

How much do you know about the American Syfy remake?
Very little, actually. We were just told about it. I think they’re probably shooting about now. It’s pretty cool. It’s just a huge compliment to the show, really. I wish them all the best. I think it’ll be quite good since I’ve heard they have a heck of a lot more money than we have [laughs], so that might turn out a little differently.

Would you consider doing a guest spot on it?
Eh, I don’t know, actually. Probably not, to be honest. They’ve got their own thing now. It might just be too cheesy. I think eventually when we’re done with the British version, maybe.

Last year was your first time at Comic-Con, right? What was that experience like?
[Laughs] Yeah it was wild. It was at first sort of – it was the start of that sort of madness, in a way. I mean, it’s the first time when we saw the show come alive with the fans. It’s so mental, you know? It’s like Woodstock for geeks. The audience seemed very clued in to what the show was about and all the questions were very articulate. We were kind of taken aback a little bit [laughs]. I couldn’t figure out for the first half an hour, ‘How do they know about the show so much?’ Obviously they watched up online, and that’s as loyal as they can get. The show was not even in the country, and they managed to watch the whole series of it. That’s impressive. I’ve never done that.

Comcast customers can watch the second season premiere here

So, if Comic-Con is the Woodstock for geeks, what band does that make ‘Being Human?’
The band of ‘Being Human.’ [Laughs]  That’s a brilliant question! I have no idea. I actually want to sit down and think about it.

What’s happening with Mitchell this season after the fall of Herrick?
He’s sort of a mess that Herrick’s dead. George killed Herrick, and the vampires are after Mitchell’s blood. He’s just trying to hold the household together, and keeps the enemies at bay, and look after his friends, and sort out of the mess that he’s made. He’s just picking up the pieces.

Poor George. His powers are so lame compared to a vampire and a ghost.
Yeah…well [laughs], he has other things. He gets to be big and strong and mean. And he won! I think with a werewolf, he would rip your head off. No matter how sexy and suave and sophisticated a vampire could be, when a werewolf goes through that thing every four weeks, he’s a winner. I would way prefer to be a vampire, though.

At the end of the day, vampires seem to have it best.
Well, Mitchell does have a serious addiction [laughs]. But yeah, you’re right. Vampires do win, don’t they?

Always in my book! Who do you think would win in a fight, Mitchell or Edward Cullen?
Gee, I don’t know. I haven’t really seen The ‘Twilight’ stuff, you know? I think he would just run away.

Do you pay attention to the other vampire films and TV out there?
I sort of do and I don’t. If someone really recommends something – like ‘Let the Right One In’ – something that people were talking about for a long time, but…I don’t know. [With] ‘Twilight,’ I mean, I just never bothered. It’s not that I don’t like the genre [laughs] — I don’t know why I haven’t bothered, it just hasn’t happened. I’ve seen ‘Interview with a Vampire.’ I’ve seen ‘Dracula.’ I’ve seen a lot anyway by proxy over the years, but I haven’t made a conscious effort to go out and watch any vampire performances.

The thing about ‘Let the Right One In’  is that it’s ostensibly about a vampire. The real story is about these children. When you first heard about this show, did you balk at the idea? Or was it the characters themselves that appealed to you?
It is about humanity, and raw emotion, and the connection. And that essentially was what I was enamored by because these are real people. I think I connect more on a personal level.

There is also this ides of everyone longing for humanity, or wanting to assimilate and connect with it. But from what we see in the show, is there truly anything that great about humanity?
Yeah, you’re right. Is it worth it? I think that yes, it’s worth it.  It’s a tough question. But I’m an optimistic person.

You mean you’re optimistic in general?
Yeah, I think I’m a happy go-lucky kind of person.  I think humanity’s worth fighting for!

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