Exclusive: Is Jennifer Morrison Trekking Back To ‘House’?

Jennifer Morrison (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Jennifer Morrison (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Midway through the broadcast networks’ portion of this week’s Television Critics Association press tour, NBC Universal threw a rooftop party at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Being primarily an NBC/USA Network function, imagine my surprise to spy ‘House‘ alum Jennifer Morrison in the crowd (on the arm of beau Amaury Nolasco, one of the star’s of NBC’s new ‘Chase’ drama).

I seized the chance to a) bask in Morrison’s pretty and b) find out what she is up to these days, and if those plans might involve a ‘House’ call.

Many, many of your fans write in to me asking for a status report. For starters, tell me about the film you have coming out.
It’s a Lionsgate film called ‘Warrior,’ and they’re promising to announce a release date in two weeks.

What’s it about and where do you fit in?
It’s a family drama involving the MMA fighting world. It’s two brothers who grew up with an alcoholic father (played by Nick Nolte) who encouraged them to be fighters. They have two very diverging lives – one brother (‘Inception’s Tom Hardy) ends up married and teaching, and the other (Joel Edgerton) ends up in prison in Mexico. I play [Hardy’s] wife, and I’m very involved in trying to keep him from fighting again, because he almost got terribly hurt.

So, you’re Adrian to his Rocky?
Exactly. If you’re going to make that reference, yeah.

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Has ‘House’ reached out to you yet about putting in any of those oft-rumored Season 7 appearances?
I don’t know. They have a contract that allows for three episodes if they decide to write the episodes and if I’m available. So, like, if I’m off doing a movie and I’m unavailable then they probably won’t write those episodes, but if they write those episodes and I’m around then of course I would do it. But they may not write those episodes.

OK, my head hurts from that.
I know. Basically, they don’t have a first-position hold on me anymore.

Know what? We’ll let Chase (Jesse Spencer) get involved with some bimbo or something, and then Cameron can resurface to bust his chops.
[Laughs] Well, I don’t know. I wouldn’t hang my hat on that.

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Did you go up for any pilots?
No, because I was doing the play [Broadway’s ‘The Miracle Worker’]. I really wanted the creative experience of being back on stage.

Well, we just want to see you again on a screen, big or small – and it isn’t gonna happen with the new ‘Star Trek‘ movie, since Kirk’s mom would be a bit old by now.
I don’t know – it depends on if they mess with the time continuum!

You make an excellent point.
Yeah. Don’t worry, you’ll see me around.

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