Friends Cox And Aniston To Reunite On ‘Cougar Town’

by | July 31, 2010 at 9:49 AM | TV News

Courtney Cox is reportedly enlisting pal Jennifer Aniston for Cougar Town duties.  (ABC)

Courtney Cox is reportedly enlisting pal Jennifer Aniston for Cougar Town duties. (ABC)

Once Friends, always friends. Courteney Cox seems to have lured busy BFF Jennifer Aniston into a guest spot on her ABC series ‘Cougar Town.’ According to a report at, the two will reunite early in the show’s new season.

“I would love for it to happen but there’s nothing to talk about yet,” series creator Bill Lawrence told site.

The last time the actresses worked together outside of ‘Friends’ was in 2007, on Cox’s FX gem, ‘Dirt.’

Earlier in the week, Aniston turned in a typically funny, charming, and momentarily awkward appearance on ‘The Tonight Show.’ She was there promoting her new fragrance (available in the U.K. and online) and upcoming movie, ‘The Switch,’ and doing just fine until host Jay Leno followed up on the theme of her movie and asked the unlucky-in-love actress if she’d ever consider using a sperm bank to have a baby of her own. “Jeez, that question’s never been asked to me,” Aniston replied with only thinly veiled sarcasm, then pleaded total ignorance of the process. “You go to the bank and you have a card…I honestly don’t know exactly.” Watch the exchange here:

Cox meanwhile has settled quite comfortably into familyhood with husband David Arquette and their daughter, Coco.

Anyway, Cox and Aniston will have a challenge ahead of them if and when they do work together again. Aniston’s guest appearance on ‘Dirt’ resulted in a juicy kiss between the two. What premise would you suggest this time? What needs to happen to get you to watch this funny show? Do you even care that they are reuniting?

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