Users Speak: ‘Idol’s All Shook Up – Ugh – Are We Still In Love?

Idol is no longer as confident as in the past.  (Fox)

Idol is no longer as confident as in the past. (Fox)

They say you can’t predict earthquakes, but tout le monde seemed to know the ground was going to shake beneath ‘American Idol‘. The only question was when. It turned out to be this week. The first quake struck on Thursday when Ellen DeGeneresannounced she had quit the show. Then came the aftershocks: Jennifer Lopez was signed to replace Ellen, Kara DioGuardi was told buh-bye, and then Steven Tyler was hotly rumored to be the leading contender to replace Simon Cowell. And don’t thinking the shaking has stopped. But will a complete reboot of the show turn around falling ratings? Can bringing mega-celebrities like J-Lo and Tyler inject excitement back into a show that is still television’s top-rated hour? Or did the departure of Cowell, an original when he brashly introduced himself to America, signal the show has entered is dawg days regardless of changes? You guys were extremely opinionate about each of these moves. Now let’s look at the whole picture. Please, please, please (that’s our best James Brown) share your thoughts. Tell us what you would do to save this bloody and beloved show. Or would you send it to the pound? (Judging by some of the earlier comments, many of you would.) What happened to the show? When did it jump the ship? Let’s help the producers. Let’s coach ourselves through this tough time (ha). To get you started, we’re sharing some of our favorite comments from the week.

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On Ellen’s Departure:

Right on Ellen!! you were great, and you are awesome and your day show is an incredible show keep up the good work! – Teresa

WOW…………….. im gonna miss ellen sooooooo much! she and simon were my favorits judges of all time and now they are both leaving!!! – Lexi

Perhaps jumping from a sinking ship is more like it. She has a great talk show and I’m sure we will see her in many other projects. Idol has run it’s course., time for something new for everyone. – Lifeguard

She couldnt hold a candle to Paula in looks or talent input. The show is screwed without Simon. – Boater

Good one are the only one in the business who would admit to maybe not being a good fit for a job and gracefully moving on…most of those phonies would make up an excuse for leaving…I love you and your is the best and funniest show on daytime tv…you always make me laugh no matter how crappy the day other show does that for me…no matter what you do you will always do well because you are a kind and loving person who loves animals as I do. – Mem

On Kara Being Fired:

Kara leaving will be a good thing. Can’t see how she is a talent personally. It would be good for the judges to be more musically orientated than just personalities that think they know what’s the next hot trend. – Brian

The greatest news about all of this is that Kara is gone. I think they should have let Randy Jackson go, too. He always says the same thing. Not much good advice from him. For those of you who think that Steven Tyler is a bad choice, keep in mind he’s been a musician — and a good one at that — for many years, and he would clearly give good advice. Anyone who says he’s washed up and too old obviously haven’t seen him perform lately. He is the ONLY reason for me to tune in this year. – Mags

…she was a waste of bandwidth anyway. – Fred

Everything must come to an end eventually, and I was really hoping Simon’s exit would be when Idol finally closes up shop. This last season was pretty dismal, and I only envision it getting worse. Stick a fork in it, Hollywood. It’s done. – Allison.

Wow I know I definitely won’t be watching. Who wants to watch Steven Tyler? That would really be horrible. A washed up rocker giving advice. Ellen would do just as well and so would Kara and they certainly would be better to look at. What is going on with AI? Can’t they get someone who knows talent? Have to pick washed up performers or those that don’t really know what the public likes. This show is done. – May

On Steven Tyler Replacing Cowell:

Honestly? Even if I cared what Steven Tyler had to say (which I don’t), I can’t bear to look at him. His hard rocker lifestyle has certainly taken its toll. What a waste to put him in the third chair. Of all the choices bandied about, he has to be the worst they could come up with. – Josie

NO J-Lo PLEASE!! and Steven Tyler?????? There must be 2 better people out there that they can get for these jobs. Keeping Randy is good. Still wish they could and would get PAULA BACK!! Last season was obviously the worst yet. The one before probably the BEST one. Who screwed up this last time???? Very little talent and VERY BORING. If the changes this year aren’t good enough I will be saying bye bye to AI. Also, don’t like them dropping the eligible age to 15. – AGT

American Idol has OUTLIVED itself…been boring and unimaginative last few years and really how many “Idols” are still out there? Carrie??? Shows never know when to quit. – GG

two words!! Howard Stern!! – Tina

I for one think Steven Tyler would be a good choice. He has been writing and making albums for 30 years plus. His experince with the music industry is over whelming. He knows what it takes to make it and I think will be very helpful to the idol wanna be’s. Most of the comments posted here are drawing negative conclusions because of his looks and age. He is in his 60’s and sells out concerts across the nation and world widem and men and women of all ages go crazy over him because he is a total package rocker. – Keb

Without Kara and Simon, time to watch Fox News – Grayfox

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