‘Glee’ Sneak Peek: Four Sassy Sue Sylvesterisms

Jane Lynch as 'Glee's Sue Sylvester (Fox)

Jane Lynch as 'Glee's Sue Sylvester (Fox)

You think cheerleading is hard? Try beating out all of your male and female peers to win an industry award.

Yet that is what ‘Glee‘s Jane Lynch did on Saturday night at the annual Television Critics Association Awards, where she won for Individual Achievement in Comedy, besting the likes of Ty Burrell (‘Modern Family’) and Jim Parsons (‘Big Bang Theory’).

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Lynch was MIA from the awards show, sidelined by laryngitis – thanks to a meaty monologue in the episode Fox’s ‘Glee’ is now shooting – so series cocreators Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan accepted on her behalf.

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In that capacity, the writer-producers treated the crowd to four Sue Sylvester quotables from the upcoming season. And here they are:

“A female football coach is like a male nurse, Will – it’s a sin against nature.”

“I secretly hope you’re in the middle of a midlife crisis, William, because that means you’re halfway to an early death, affording me a blissful convalescence full of peeing on your grave.”

“Don’t go soft on me, Will. I realize you’re mourning the loss of that bony little redhead you’re in love with. But understand, it’s not just a loss for you. As she appears to be the link between early hominids and man, it’s also a loss for science.”

“You should’ve gone with the poop cookies, Will.”

Regarding that last one, while the ‘Glee’ cast in attendance cheered wildly for it, the rest of us have yet to unearth what context it arrives in.

‘Glee’ – which also won TCA Awards for Program Of The Year and Outstanding New Program – premieres its second season on September 21.

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