What The [Bleep] Is Rob Morrow Doing On ‘Entourage’?

Rob Morrow (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Rob Morrow (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

You want the whole truth on Rob Morrow‘s ‘Entourage‘ appearance? Then you’ll just have to wait for it to air on HBO later this season.

While shooting a video with Fancast to promote his new ABC legal drama, ‘The Whole Truth,’ Morrow alluded to his guest-star turn on one of his favorite shows.

Pressed for details, he revealed, “I play Ari’s lawyer – and I have one of the greatest lines, which I can’t repeat here because you won’t be able to use it. But it’s one of the greatest lines I’ve ever had.”

Oh, c’mon, man. This is the Internet! The world wide Wild West! We can redact words and also bleep ’em out when we post the video online later this week.

Morrow acquiesced; but out of propriety, we’re going to replace certain words with the name of his former CBS home.

“Ari (played by Jeremy Piven) is getting sued for sexual harassment,” he related, “and we’re sitting in a conference room when he says, ‘Who’s the girl [filing suit]?’ I say her name is Allison Brod, and he says, ‘Who the f–k is that?!’ I say, ‘She worked in your lit department for four years and alleges you suggested that she have her NUMB3RS removed so as to NUMB3RS her NUMB3RSiness.”

We who actually heard the uncensored dialogue say: Oh my.

“It’s crass,” Morrow acknowledges, “but as an actor it’s a great line!”

ABC’s ‘The Whole Truth’ – which also stars Maura Tierney (‘ER’) – premieres Wednesday, September 22, at 10/9c.

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