‘CSI: Miami’s Adam Rodriguez: ‘The Prodigal Son Returns!’

Adam Rodriguez, 'CSI: Miami' (CBS)

Adam Rodriguez, 'CSI: Miami' (CBS)

Fans of CBS’ ‘CSI: Miami‘ had to make do with a little less Delko last season, as Adam Rodriguez dropped to recurring status to fit in an arc on ABC’s Ugly Betty.’ But the good news – perhaps needed given the departure of Eddie Cibrian and his dimples – is that TV’s A-Rod is back on ‘Miami’ as a series regular this fall.

Rodriguez spoke with Fancast about his “return” and what it might mean for Delko/Calleigh fans. (Hmm, with leading lady Emily Procter pregnant, might a CSInfant be on the way?)

How does it feel to be back as a series regular this season?
The best thing that happened was when we decided to part ways last year I spoke to [executive producer] Ann Donahue and said, “What’s important to me is coming back and fixing the character properly. I don’t want to leave the audience wondering, ‘What happened to Delko?’ How ever many episodes it takes, let me know and I’ll be there.” She loved that idea, three episodes turned into 11, and so I was bouncing back and forth with ‘Ugly Betty’ and ‘CSI Miami.’

Is it at all awkward for Delko to be back with the team?
This is like family – “the prodigal son returns” – so it’s not awkward at all. Even the crew members were like, “It’s great to have you back every day.”

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Will they still be playing sparks between Delko and Calleigh?
I think they’re going to ride that train until they figure out a way to derail it or pull it into the station. I don’t know what’s in store, but I look forward to whatever it is. There are just so many ways you can go.

With Emily now pregnant, they could have fast-tracked a Delko/Calleigh baby!
It would have been interesting, but it’s abrupt. It’s a little abrupt. There wasn’t enough build up to have a pregnancy.

Besides, Emily told TV Guide Magazine people probably don’t want to see a pregnant lady running around shooting at people.
Probably not – although we’ve never seen that before! The baby could be in there wearing a little junior CSI badge, and Calleigh could have bulletproof pregnancy wear….

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Do you have a message for your many fans, as you return to the show full-time?
I just want to say thanks for your support and all of the love that you’ve shown. You guys are what matters and that’s why I’m coming back. I hope I can deliver for you!

‘CSI: Miami’ moves to Sundays at 10/9c this fall, premiering October 3.

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