‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Who Was Hit Hardest By The Tragic Finale?

Jesse Williams and Sandra Oh, 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

Jesse Williams and Sandra Oh, 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

The big question coming out of last season’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s finale: Which of Seattle Grace’s finest was left most shell-shocked by crazed gunman Gary Clark’s storming of the hallways, during which he left several staffers dead and intensely traumatized others?

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Obviously, Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) has big-time healing to do, having witnessed her husband getting shot and then, in the pulse-pounding aftermath, miscarried her and Derek’s unborn baby.

But when the show returns on September 23, viewers will see that Derek’s near-death thoroughly rattled others as well.

“Some of the people who went through some of the worst traumas handle it differently,” newly promoted series regular Jesse Williams (aka Dr. Jackson Avery) tells Fancast. “But Cristina (Sandra Oh) takes it especially hard, because she had a gun up against her head as she had to save the life of her very, very, very best friend’s husband – and the chief of their whole department.”

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Bailey is another survivor we have to wonder about, given that she at one juncture had to hide mere inches away from the shooter, and then spent much of the season-ender trying – unsuccessfully – to keep Mercy Wester Charles from succumbing to his own gunshot wound.

“We saw what Bailey went through, but shes a rock and she only lets us in so much,” says Williams. Reflecting for a moment on Chandra Wilson‘s performance in those scenes, he adds, “She’s such a tremendous actress.”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Adds ‘Mercy’ Doc James Tupper

To help any and all who were impacted by the hospital crisis, a new face is on the scene in the form of a grief counselor played by James Tupper (‘Men In Trees’). “He really is our judge and jury,” says Williams. “He can clear us for surgery, or keep us languishing in purgatory.”

And as for the fact that this new healer just so happens to look like James Tupper and not, say, some 62-year-old bald man, well…. “He will make his mark, to say the least,” Williams teases. “He’s definitely not just a grief counselor.” Hear that, ladies?

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