Seth MacFarlane: Mel Gibson Tapes Too Explicit for ‘Family Guy’

Seth MacFarlane (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Seth MacFarlane (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

After Mel Gibson‘s 30-minute rant was published on RadarOnline in recent weeks verbally attacking his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane, who is well known for lampooning celebrities on his animated TV show, says the ‘Braveheart’ Oscar winner should have been outed as a creep years ago.

“Shame on all of us for taking this long to figure that the guy is a colossal f***-up,” MacFarlane told Fancast Sunday at Comedy Central’s The Roast of David Hasselhoff, where MacFarlane Roast-mastered. “We should have known by [1998’s] ‘Lethal Weapon 4.'”

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‘Family Guy,’ which has aired audio clips of Christian Bale’s notorious angry rant from the ‘Terminator Salvation’ set, has no plans to air Gibson’s tape in an upcoming episode, MacFarlane says.

“Probably not,” MacFarlane says. “I don’t know that much of them are airable.” (‘Family Guy’ often pushes the boundaries of coarse material.)

See ‘Family Guy’ At This Year’s Comic-Con:

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‘Family Guy’s’ new episodes air starting Sept. 26, with the premiere of the ninth season of the Fox show, and run through next May. David Hasselhoff will be in an upcoming ‘Family Guy,’ MacFarlane reveals.

“We will have David on ‘Family Guy’ very, very soon. So, he’s definitely [doing it],” he says.

“He is a pretty good sport about everything,” MacFarlane explains. “If I were the Hoff, probably the cheeseburger video [is most embarrassing], but that thing is so commonplace now, that who gives a s***. Let the guy get drunk. Haven’t we all been drunk on tape? TMZ has a hundred shots of me. Let’s give the guy a break.”

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