Who Will Be The Next ‘Bachelor’?

Tonight Ali chooses between Chris L. and Roberto on the season finale of ‘The Bachelorette,’ but speculation is already running rampant on who will be named the next ‘Bachelor.’ Fancast caught up with host Chris Harrison at ABC’s Television Critics Association party last night to get his take on the likely candidates.

“Chris L, Roberto, Kurt, the women were talking about Craig R…and then I guess since the Men Tell All episode in Vegas i’ve heard a lot of Jesse P. He shaved his head, and apparently he’s a very hot looking Michael Phelps now. I was not aware, but my wife says, when it comes to the Bachelor, story doesn’t matter, he’s hot. So according to my wife and all her friends, he’s smoking hot. Apparently Jesse P. is a contender.”

Harrison further goes on to explain why the show hasn’t chosen a “newcomer” in a while for the leading man/lady. “Casting from the previous season just works. It’s hard to go against the grain and start over. You’ve gotta build. If you have a storyline (like with Kurt, we’re tied in)…Roberto – amazing, Chris – amazing. It’s hard to ditch a storyline that’s built in and ready to go.”

The show’s longevity has baffled many critics, however the fans just seem to be growing more and more interested after a bit of a lull a few years back. “When you go back to Travis Stork’s season in Paris, that’s when we thought maybe this would be our last year. Then we got Andy Baldwin, the Navy lieutenant, and Jason, Molly and Melissa. We just kept getting more heat, and we’ve just been growing through the roof since then.”

Who will Ali pick tonight and what will be the “ending we’ve never seen before”? Tune in tonight at 8pm ET on ABC and watch this preview clip:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Bachelorette/38/1554701777/Ali-s-Last-Rose/embed 580 476]
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