‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Arizona and Callie: Baby… Or Baby Not?

Jessica Capshaw with Sara Ramirez, 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

Jessica Capshaw with Sara Ramirez, 'Grey's Anatomy' (ABC)

In Part 1 of Fancast’s in-depth interview with ‘Grey‘s Anatomy‘ cast member Jessica Capshaw, the super-sunny actress previewed the aftermath of the riveting season finale, during which Arizona had an about-face and signed on to have “10 babies” with girlfriend Callie. But might the good doc backtrack on hitting the mommy track? Here in Part 2 of the Q&A, we drill down deeper on the topic with Capshaw.

When Season 2 kicks off (on September 23), are Arizona and Callie (played by Sara Ramirez) at a point where they’re talking about the who and the how of starting a family?
Not to start. We actually pick up with them at less of a fever pitch. The other characters got the lion’s share of the drama, so they’re all easing back into the nuts and bolts of what’s going to happen next. Listen, I’ve always said that [Arizona and Callie] are the most calm and rational relationship on the show!

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So just to be clear, Arizona will not be backtracking on her reversal? She’s still on board for baby?
You never know, it’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’! You never, never know. I can’t imagine it’s going to happen easily, but… maybe it will? Nothing ever happens quickly, or easily. And I do think the convention of having a life-and-death crisis for the doctors was about asking, “Who are you? When a gun’s to your head, who ARE you?” Not a lot of us would like to have a life-and-death moment, but when you do, do you see what’s important and jump for what you want? Do you cling to what’s closest? There are so many ways to go. I never thought it was that easy that this happened and she said, “OK, we’ll have 25 kids!” You can’t change who you are. The challenge will still be there, so now we’ll see if they can overcome it.

Did [‘Grey’s’ creator] Shonda Rhimes even for a second consider writing in your real-life pregnancy? [Capshaw is due with her second child in the fall.]
It didn’t occur to me that I’m the third person to be pregnant on the show [following Chyler Leigh and Ellen Pompeo], so she didn’t bat an eyelash. I know that it changes, and that they come up with ideas and then do this and do that, but I don’t think that was ever in her game plan. And I hear that productionwise, it’s so much easier to fake a pregnancy than accommodate a real one.

Besides, Arizona is probably the less likely of the two to carry any baby.
Yes, but then there are people like, “But you have to have the baby!”

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Do you have your own maternity leave plan mapped out?
I’m due in the fall, and what I love about working where I work and Shonda and her whole team is that we’re all team players. How do you make God laugh? Make a plan. So I think we’ll do the best to accommodate. Knock wood, my last pregnancy felt great up until the very end, so I hope to work until the end, take some time with my new baby, and then get back to work.

Does your almost-3-year-old son have a point of view on the new arrival?
He is very excited. Very excited. He says “Good morning” to my belly every morning and tells her that he loves her…. It’s very exciting.

Where does Arizona rank among all the roles you’ve played? Toward the top?
Oh, definitely. A lot of actors say this, but I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have this character that doesn’t get written often. It’s such a nice fit, and I have such pleasure creating her. I’d put her at the top. I love going to work every day, I do.

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