Lisa Edelstein: Dr. ‘House’ Makes For One Sexy Boyfriend!

Lisa Edelstein of 'House' (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lisa Edelstein of 'House' (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Will they or won’t they? Pfft, that question is now moot on Fox’s ‘House,’ seeing as in the season finale Dr. Mean (played by Hugh Laurie) and boss lady Cuddy finally agreed on what viewers have known all along: they just might be better together than alone.

But how will this workplace romance play out? Can a House in love be the same House we love? On the red carpet at Fox’s Monday-night All-Star Party, Lisa Edelstein spoke with Fancast about whether playing doctor with House is good medicine.

What are we to make of those paparazzi photos that surfaced of you and Hugh Laurie cuddling on a beach as House and Cuddy?
Hugh and I were sneaking off to Malibu for a secret rendezvous, but because I’m very vain I brought a lighting crew with me.

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Are things going well for them when the new season starts?
Things are going really well. They are definitely exploring this relationship. There are problems built in, but it’s been really fun so far.

What kind of a boyfriend is he?
Sexy. A sexy boyfriend. He’s smart and sexy, come on! Why would she be there otherwise?

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[Series creator] David Shore told me the premiere picks up about 20 minutes after the finale. Are we going to catch them, what, “rounding second base”?
Possibly, possibly….

Do they exchange any words along the lines of “This is something I always knew would happen”?
I think they both felt that way. There’s some implication in what they talk about that there’s always been a deep relationship between the two of them. This is just furthering that exploration.

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But please reassure us that House and Cuddy will still have their bickering-filled scenes and encounters.
Absolutely. That’s the thing – David managed to write episodes in which all the things you would worry about happening to the show itself, they worry about happening to their relationship in the hospital. They need that dynamic, they need to be at each other’s throats in some way. So there is a bit of a struggle trying to find their footing and remember who they are with each other at work.

Is Cuddy happy?
I think right now, yes. They’re both going into it with a lot of gusto.

And as an actress, are you excited to have this new flavor to play?
It’s been great. Seven years into a show and it’s a great story line and I love who I work with. I couldn’t be happier!

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