‘Glee’s Jane Lynch On Getting Waxed: ‘I Feel Like I’m Dead’

Jane Lynch (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Jane Lynch (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Question: What made ‘Glee‘s funny-woman Jane Lynch say this…?

“Holy sh*t.”
“I feel like I’m dead. “
“Oh my God. “
“Holy crap. “
“Un-be-livable. “
“Oh my God. “
“This is too much.”
“This is too weird. “
“I feel like I’m seeing myself in a coffin or something.”
“Oh this is amazing.”
“You guys are great and I think you might have minimized my ass. “

Answer: Her brand spanking new wax figure unveiled at Madame Tussauds Hollywood Wednesday.

Lynch was on hand to meet, as she said, “her better half,” which cost a whopping $300,000 and, of course, to dish about the upcoming season of ‘Glee,’ which returns on Fox Sept. 21.

“First, I’m absolutely thrilled,” she said of the wax figure, which is in the likeness of her oh-so-unlikable Sue Sylvester character – complete with red and white track suit and cheerleading bull horn. “She’s taller than me,” she said posing with her statue.

Scoop On ‘Glee’ Season 2

Okay, on to the good stuff. How about this morning’s news that comedy legend Carol Burnett playing her mom? “That’s what I hear,” she said. “I guess that’s in the works and I’m thrilled. I love her. I did a movie with her a couple of years ago and she’s great. We kept in touch a little bit. Oh God, it would just be awesome if we did a song together.”

“She is probably my first influence,” she continued. “I watched her show every Saturday night when I was a kid. My brother and I would act out some of the scenes. This was before VCRs that’s how old I am. We would actually tape record on an old tape recorder so we would listen to the skits.”

We also solved a mystery for you. Remember how we revealed four sassy lines from Sue Sylvester by showrunners from The Television Critics Association Press Tour? Lynch was kind enough to elaborate a bit more on one of them: “You should’ve gone with the poop cookies, Will.”

Of the quote, she explained, “there’s a new coach in town. Our football coach is now a big 6’4″ female and I get Will to come with me to try to destroy her because of course she’s taking our budget away, so I give her some [dog] poop cookies. I say, ‘Here are some cookies. Welcome aboard.'”

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