Nicole Eggert: ‘Baywatch’ Spin-Off Won’t Be ‘Aging Beauty Queens’

'Baywatch' Spin-Off? (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

'Baywatch' Spin-Off? (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

They are taking this seriously, folks.

“It’s sort of like a window into what it’s really like to be one of us girls,” Nicole Eggert told Fancast at Sunday’s Comedy Central Roast of David Hasselhoff in Hollywood, of ‘Back to the Bay,’ the new ‘Baywatch’ spin-off reality TV show she is pitching to networks. “It’s not this glamorous, falling-apart aging beauty queen thing going on in our lives. We have girl things going on, and families. It’s just fun.”

‘Back to the Bay’ will feature former ‘Baywatch’ stars Eggert, Gena Lee Nolin, and Traci Bingham. The line-up, for now, doesn’t include Pamela Anderson or Hasselhoff. Anderson was resistant to a ‘Baywatch’ big-screen movie suggestion in 2009.

“The two girls that are doing it are really great girls and have interesting stories and great personalities,” Eggert says. “I think people need to see that, and not just see what they look like.”

The project is the creation of Eggert, 38, and her business manager, former ‘Sons of Hollywood’ reality star David Weintraub, she says. The production company is Scott Stone Entertainment.

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“We’re trying to develop something from here,” Eggert says. “Right now, it’s just us.”

One ‘Baywatch’ male ex-cast member isn’t completely sold on the show, however: Jeremy Jackson, who played Hobie Buchannon, Hasselhoff’s son.

“I’ve been asked to come on. We’ll see,” Jackson, 29, tells Fancast. “I don’t know. The concept, it doesn’t seem like it has any meat, you know. We’ll see.”

Jackson previously appeared in a 1998 ‘Baywatch’ straight-to-video movie, ‘White Thunder at Glacier Bay,’ and 2003 TV movie: ‘Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding.’ He is also known for having appeared in a home sex tape that was offered for sale in 2008 without his approval.

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Other ‘Baywatch’ beauties were more coy when asked Sunday about ‘Back to the Bay.’ (The Hasselhoff Roast was an impromptu reunion for the 1990s TV show.)

“I just signed on to a show with three girls that we are in the process of selling,” Nolin, who played Neely, says. “It’s exciting. It’s the ‘Baywatch’ girls.”

Bingham, who played Jordan Tate, said, “There is little something going on, a big something-something, the world has yet to see. I can’t really say much about it, but you are in for a big surprise with the girls on the show. I’m really excited to be a part of my old friends. Gena was in my wedding, and so was Carmen Electra and Angelica Bridges. I think they’re pretty much all here [Electra did not attend Sunday]. In this setting and in another setting, I think it’s a full circle. It can only be good.”

‘Back to the Bay’s’ plot follows the former three ‘Baywatch’ beauties as they focus on their adult careers now that the show is long past. Eggert is a working mom, Bingham, 42, hosts a dating service, and Nolin, 38, is a recently delivered mom with post-partum struggles, reportedly.

The Hasselhoff Roast premieres Aug. 15 on Comedy Central.

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