‘SYTYCD’ Final 4: Kent’s In Trouble, Lauren Steals The Show

'So You Think You Can Dance' (Frank Micelotta/FOX)

'So You Think You Can Dance' (Frank Micelotta/FOX)

Lauren’s performances last night might make me eat my words come finale time next week. From the opening group Broadway performance to her ridiculously sexy Argentine Tango with Pasha to her even more ridiculously seductive jazz piece with Ade, the top female dancer on season seven of ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ stole the show.

But did she do enough to knock Kent off the number one spot next week? Quite possibly.

All three judges and guest judge Tyce Diorio praised every move she made of the Argentine Tango, calling her “magnificent,” “magic,” and “simmering.” And praised her even more for her Jazz number, calling her “spectacular,” “a beast,” and “a James Bond villain.”

Adam Shankman said it best when he quipped, “Lauren, to quote Sting, ‘Every little thing you do is magic.” Lauren knew she had a good night too: “I just wanted to kill it because I want to be in the finale so badly,” she said after the show. “It feels good.”

As for her newfound sexiness and how the judges rave that she’s gone from a girl to a woman, Lauren said, “Honestly, if they would’ve given me the two dances they gave me tonight in the first couple weeks of this show, I would have crashed and burned. I could not have done these types of dances. This is not me at all. It’s been a blessing. I’ve grown so much.”

Without further ado, here is how the second to the last showdown went down:

Dance 1

Lauren and Pasha: Argentine Tango, Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo
They had me at their rehearsal footage- smoking hot! She has certainly matured from a cute little girl into a seductive woman. “My eyes steamed up in the middle of it,” said Nigel Lythgoe. “You showed why you are here in the top four…That was magnificent.” Tyce said, “You gave the audience the uh, the ah, the uh, the uh, the uuuh and the ahh! You really did.” Mia Michaels said, “You just became a woman. That was so mature…This whole room was simmering.” Adam Shankman said, “Lauren to quote Sting, ‘Every little thing you do is magic.” Magical indeed.

AdeChike and Lauren G.: African Jazz, Sean Cheesman
Last week, AdeChike told us that he planned to just let himself go, but did he dance with wild abandon like the judges wanted? Not quite. Nigel wasn’t impressed and told him to loosen up even more. Tyce went on about grounding himself and also complained that he didn’t take it far enough. “This needed to be about exhilaration,” he said. Mia too didn’t see the celebration in his dance. Ditto from Adam: “Forget we’re all here and dance for your life,” added Adam. That all said, expect AdeChike to be dancing for his life in the bottom three this week.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance/1214/1535608207/Meet-Lauren/embed 580 476]

Robert and Anya: Viennese Waltz, Jonathan Roberts
He’s handsome. He’s talented. But something just seemed weak about this dance. I didn’t feel his confidence and that lack of manliness still gets me. Unlike Lauren who has matured, Robert still needs to grow up a bit. “You’ve got that beautiful carriage Robert,” said Nigel. Tyce thought he invested “to the max.” (Way to be ’80s Tyce!) Mia dug it too: “So romantic. You’re like the prince of this season.” Adam added: “You were brilliant.” Okay, so the judges didn’t exactly agree with me. Let’s see is America does!

Kent and Courtney: Disco, Doriana Sanchez
Disco’s a bit goofy. Kent’s a bit goofy. A match made in dancing Heaven? Yep! And, he started with the faces instantly. Talk about throwing the judges’ suggestions in their face! Nigel, shockingly, didn’t think Kent made it cheesy. Tyce thought he did “well.” Eh. Not great praise. Mia thought it was “a little rough.” Insert massive boos from the live audience. “For me it was the worst performance this season,” she added. Ouch. Adam agreed. “Boo me. She’s not totally wrong guys,” he said. Uh oh. Is Kent in trouble?

Dance 2

Lauren and Ade: Jazz, Sean Cheesman
Another seductive piece from Lauren and another performance that inches her closer to stealing the title from fan and judge favorite Kent. And, that black, sheer one-piece? Oh. My.  Girl to woman indeed. She killed it. And might have killed Kent’s win for good with this one. Host Cat Deeley called her a “James Bond villain.” Nigel loved the lifts, as did I. Tyce called it “spectacular.” Mia called her a “beast”…in a good way, of course. “I’m going to say the only words a dancer ever wants to hear: I want to hire you,” added Adam.

AdeChike and Kathryn: Contemporary, Desmond Richardson
Two things happen when you get criticized as badly as AdeChike did on his first dance: you either step it up or fear takes over. I think fear took over on this one. He just can’t seem to dance with that fearlessness the judges so badly need of him. He’s technically great, but just can’t seem to let go. “I think you’ve lost a little bit of wind toward the end,” said Nigel. “You stopped going to the extend of your lines.” Mia wanted more. So did I. So did I. That said, those genuine tears after his hometown package ran was genius. He will get votes for his vulnerability and for that heartwarming look at his journey for sure.

Robert and Dominic: Hip Hop, Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo
I usually love edgy, creepy and dark stuff, but these two clowns took it a bit too far. The wardrobe and makeup were distracting and I just don’t buy smiley, happy Robert as an edgy entity. Billy could’ve pulled this off. Who else misses Billy? Cat even quipped that kids will have nightmares. Nigel loved it. “Robert, whatever we throw at you, you just do it…You were brilliant,” he said. Mia called it “dope” and “perfect.” Adam as on board the crazy clown train and called him “sickness, dude.”

Kent and Neil: Contemporary, Travis Wall
These two are both so good. The routine was a bit wonky, though – no? I was disappointed. Kent is better than this. Nigel found it “absolutely chilling” and picked it as his favorite of the show. Tyce said, “Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Excellence was just delivered.” Are you kidding me, Tyce? Really? Mia chimed in with more waterworks. Adam brought the melodrama too: “If this was the finale, Kent, you would’ve just won the show.”

I chose my favorites. Your turn. You know what to do in those comments below.

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