‘Bachelor Pad’ Host Melissa Rycroft: ‘There’s Tons of Fighting’

Melissa Rycroft (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Melissa Rycroft (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Former ‘Bachelor’ and ‘DWTS’ personality Melissa Rycroft has a lot more than ‘Bachelor Pad’ (Monday, Aug 9, 8/7c) on her mind these days. Since word got out last week that she’s expecting, she’s been getting slammed with just as many goo-goo-gaga questions as she has about her new gig hosting ABC’s ‘Bachelor’ spin-off.

But the down-to-earth Rycroft doesn’t know what the big deal is — it is just a baby — people pop ‘em out all the time, right? Well, to make her feel that her pregnancy is the Immaculate Conception, we decided to continue the conjoined theme of crumb snatcher talk, along with her experience hosting a house full of virile and fertile guys and gals (and Jake Pavelka) hungry to win $250K.

First of all, congrats on your pregnancy! Do you plan on working up until your due date? If so, what projects do you have lined up?
For me unfortunately it’s gonna be impossible to work up until my due date. My work is travel. I live in Dallas, so when I work I have to come to LA and to New York. So I’m gonna work up until I’m no longer allowed to come out here, have the little kiddo, take some time, and hopefully jump back into work. I’m holding off on [new projects] until after the baby just to see how we are in life – how I’m feeling. Do I want to be a stay-at-home mom? Or do I want to get back to work? We’ll see.

Word is that you’re hoping for a boy, any reason why?
I know what I was like as a little girl so it scares me a little bit. I wasn’t a difficult child by any means, but I was very independent, very outspoken—just gave my parents a run for their money. I know not every girl was like that; it’s just the idea I have in my head of what I was like…[but] you know I’ll be happy with any healthy baby, honestly, at this point.

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What would you do if your kid ended up wanting to be on a reality TV dating show?
See, my little one will never know I was on TV. I’m going to keep that a secret! I didn’t get to see documentation of what my mom did, so there’s no need to introduce that! It’s funny, my parents were completely against me going on ‘The Bachelor’—clearly they didn’t appear on the show. But it was the best decision I made unknowingly—professionally and personally. So to tell my little one not to do it would be silly. If it’s the right opportunity and they don’t embarrass me too much, let ‘em do what they want to do.

Was it surreal for you to be back hosting a spin-off to the show that made you famous?
Yeah, coming back to the house…the last time I had been there I was moving in with a couple of the girls that are on the ‘Bachelor Pad’ now. Everybody was so great and it was so fun shooting with Chris [Harrison]. Our personalities will hopefully come out more. Chris had to be pretty serious during ‘Bachelor’ but next time you get to see him in a polo and jeans, which is almost unheard of.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Bachelor-Pad/106405/1559497325/Sneak-Peek%3A-Twist-On/embed 580 476]

Considering the franchise’s track record of failed romances, can you tell us if anyone actually falls in love at the end of the show?
There’s definitely romances made. It’s different from ‘Bachelor’ because the contestants are together 24 hours a day. The chances of romance are probably a little bit greater. But [I have to say] there have been lots of romances that came out of the ‘Bachelor’/’Bachelorette’ franchise; they just didn’t end in marriage.

Can you tell us anything about the nature of the challenges?
All I will tell you about the challenges is that they challenge the contestants not only physically but mentally as well. The challenges have to be made to accommodate both men and women. They’re very evenly matched, and there’s a lot of drama going on!

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There’s a preview clip of David G. and Wes H. at each other’s throats—so are there any crazy physical brawls between the contestants?
Nothing physical. There’s definitely verbal fights because you gotta keep in mind emotions are running high not just because people are falling for each other, but they’re getting revved up in the competition—they want the money in the end. But there’s tons of fighting—naturally!

Is there’s any drama between Wes and Jake?
I’m going to keep mum on Jake’s appearance, but he does make it and he does have an influence in the house—and that’s all you’ll get from me!

Looks like there are a handful of she-villains on the show. One that I’m wondering specifically about is Michelle Kujawa. Does she show another side of herself or is she the same scary character as we had seen in Jake’s season?
[laughing] Well, this doesn’t just go for Michelle, but it goes for everybody in the house…you think you know who they are going into the house—whether they’re the villains or the nice ones. But walking into this house everybody kind of changed that characteristic that you know of them. Whether they’re playing the game, whether the money influenced them—you see several sides of people that’ll be shocking to everybody.

Are you ready for the upcoming spin-off? Do you think it’ll be a hit?

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