Deep Soap: ‘Days’ Stars Dish On Hope’s Crime Spree

Peter and Kristian (NBC)

Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso (NBC)

This has been a rough week for ‘Days of Our Lives‘ Hope and Bo.  The supercouple faced one of their toughest challenges when Hope, who has developed a violet alternate personality courtesy of sleeping pills with a nasty side effect, stabbed Bo.  For Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso, who have played the duo since the 1980s, this storyline has been an exciting challenge.  They spoke about the impact of “Night Hope” on their characters and their relationship at a recent Television Critics Association party in Los Angeles.

Now both Hope and Bo know about Hope’s drug induced, anti-male alternate personality, what will the fallout be?
Reckell: We finally, Bo and Hope, have to deal with our relationship and deal with not only what’s happening the last three months but the last six months, and since Zach’s death.
Alfonso: Which was five years ago.
Reckell: Was it five years? I think that’s the important part.

Will Hope face criminal charges?
Alfonso: Absolutely. She definitely feels that she deserves to go to jail.

There have been spoilers about Stacy Haiduk playing a prison matron.  Is Hope going to be the one in prison?
Alfonso: She just wants to plead guilty.  She doesn’t want to waste any time.  She doesn’t want to put more of a burden on their family.  She got herself here and she’ll face the consequences.

How does it impact Bo to learn that the love of his life is capable of this?
Reckell: It’s like being run over by a jet plane because it’s a lot of information that I didn’t have and didn’t know about.  [Hope was] seeing the anger that she hasn’t even realized yet through the videotape. I was faced with the emotions that came from our split up.  The sorrow’s been huge.

Are they going to be able to get past this and reunite?
Alfonso: They definitely can’t throw Bo and Hope right back together.  Otherwise, what was the point of the story?

Did you enjoy playing “Night Hope?”
Alfonso: Absolutely.  Are you kidding? To play an off-center, off-kilter character is [fun.] I have to say, I felt bad for her.
Reckell: She did such a great job the people on the set, the camera guys would be like, ‘She can’t leave.’  She was a great character.

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How did you decide how to portray the character? She reminds me of the tough dames from 40s movies.
Alfonso: I struggled with how do I make her different, but the same, and make her sympathetic and likable.  When she was in scenes with Bo I had to draw upon [her thinking] is he breaking through to her or not? When she saw that Bo was softening, she felt that he cared and was sincere and broke that wall down a little bit so all of a sudden Carly’s on the phone, he’s in love with her and [Night Hope’s] back at it.

Another one of Salem’s major heroines, Jennifer, played by Melissa Reeves, is coming back.  Are you looking forward to working with her?
Alfonso: I’m thrilled that she’s coming back.  Someone else for Hope to speak to, maybe pass me a doughnut or a nail file.
Reckell: We love her.

‘Days’ seems to be embracing and celebrating its history more than any other soap.
Reckell: Which I think is a smart thing to do.  With the shows that are going off the air, the demographic of our audience, we’ve really got to call on and celebrate that.

Who else would you like to see come back? Maybe from Hope’s past?
Alfonso: There is no one for Hope because the only man she’s ever been with is Bo. They could bring Drake [Hogestyn, ex-John Black] back.  There’s a history there, even though Hope wasn’t in her right mind then either.

Where does Bo and Carly’s relationship go after this?
Reckell: Who knows?  It’s really up to the writers.

I think the dialogue on ‘Days’ over the past year has gotten really good. Have you noticed a change?
Reckell: Whatever’s on the page that dictates the success of the show.  It’s great to play good dialogue.

How are you two managing to maintain the quality of your performances now that you have to do everything in one take, without much rehearsal time, due to budget cuts?
Reckell: We’ve always kind of done that.
Alfonso: We just had a little bit more time to do it in.
Reckell: We just work together on our own so that when we step on the stage we’re ready to go.
Alfonso: Whether he’s in the make up chair, or I’m in the make up chair, we’ll say, ‘Let’s run the lines right now,’ then we’ll go into one of our dressing rooms and rehearse it.

Was it hard playing all the scenes where you had to be mean to and not believe poor little Sierra?
Alfonso: It was, because [Lauren Boles] is such a sweet little angelic girl.  It was difficult  But it’s acting.  She knows it’s acting. She keeps giving me acting tips.

What are her tips?
Alfonso: She says, ‘You’re not supposed to say that.  You’re supposed to sit here.’  She was right.  She’s a sweet girl.  She’s very adaptable.  She’s easy to work with, which is great for us.  She actually looks like us, which is a first.
Reckell: We’re hoping they don’t grow her up too quickly.

Can you give the fans a couple spoilers?
Alfonso: We don’t know yet.  I was asking [Peter], ‘You know something?’  He said, ‘No. I don’t know anything.’

How far in advance do you get your scripts?
Reckell: Only like ten days.
Alfonso: Ten days?
Reckell: Not even that.
Alfonso: Three days, four days.

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