TLC’s Polygamist ‘Sister Wives’: ‘Our Story Needs To Be Told’

Sister Wives (TLC)

Sister Wives (TLC)

Is TLC taking a big risk with their new seven-part polygamist reality series, ‘Sister Wives?’

Premiering on the cable network September 26, ‘Sister Wives’ documents the lives of a Mormon Fundamentalist polygamist family, consisting of husband Kody Brown and his three (soon to be four!) wives, living – as they vaguely describe it – “somewhere in Utah.”

“We knew there were risks involved,” Brown said at the Television Critics Association Press Tour Friday.

Well, yes. There is the fact that that polygamy is illegal in the United States. And then there’s the largely negative public perception of plural marriage practitioners, like Tom Green, and Brian David Mitchell, whose abuses have been frequently – and harshly – criticized on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’

“I think the secretiveness of this is dangerous,” Brown said. “This is a story that needs to be told” he continued, brushing off concerns of illegality.

Dodging questions about the specifics of their faith, the family maintained they are really “just normal people.”

“We have an extremely functional family,” first wife Meri Brown said.

The twist is that fourth wife, Robyn Brown, who comes with three children from a previous plural marriage, will be a new addition to the family when the show premieres.

In an attempt to seemingly circumvent the law, Brown claims that only one of his marriages is legally recognized, but all except Robyn live together with their thirteen (soon to be sixteen!) children in one home with separate apartments for each wife, similar to HBO’s drama ‘Big Love.’

Another ‘Big Love’ parallel is how Brown divides time amongst his wives. “We have a schedule,” he said. “Although I still can’t make sense of it.”

What do you think about TLC’s move into ‘Sister Wives’ territory? Is it purely sensationalistic? Or does it make for fascinating TV?  Will you watch? Let it out in the comments!

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