Top 10 Movies On Demand: Hot Picks For The Weekend

Sam Worthngton in a scene from Clash of the Titans. (Warner Brothers)

Sam Worthngton in a scene from Clash of the Titans. (Warner Brothers)

It was inevitable that ‘Clash of the Titans‘ would zoom to the top of the Most Watched list as soon as it became available On Demand. This ‘ultimate struggle for power” pitting “men against kings and kings against gods” has been popular fare for thousands of years. And so it was again last week. The action movie, starring Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, and Ralph Fiennes, was number one on the list of On Demand’s top 10 movies for the week ending August 1. It’s perfect for teens and the whole family. Per TIME magazine’s Richard Corliss, “As to the chief complaint about Clash of the Titans — that the movie stinks — what can I say? I liked it. This is a full-throttle action-adventure, played unapologetically straight.” The rest of the top 10 list offers something for everyone, including a comedic Jennifer Aniston in ‘The Bounty Hunter,” which plays much better at home for $5.99 than in theaters. Same with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan in ‘Cop Out.’ If for some reason you have a taste for something different this weekend, be adventurous and take a walk on the indie side. For a quick look and lots of previews, check out the Independent Movie Club.

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1. Clash of the Titans
2. The Bounty Hunter
3. Repo Men
4. Cop Out
5. Brooklyn’s Finest
6. Hot Tub Time Machine
7. Our Family Wedding
8. The Losers
9. The Crazies
10. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Please let us know what you watch this weekend. What are your top movies? What are your top picks?

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