Users Speak: Couric Disses Palin’s Kids’ Names, But Don’t Most Anchors Mouth Off These Days?

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What’s that old saying – out of the mouths of babes and news anchors? Earlier in the week, a video was leaked of Katie Couric at the 2008 Republication National Convention, mocking the names of Sarah Palin’s kids, Trig and Track. “Where the hell do they get these names?” Couric joked to her off-camera crew. The remarks appeared to have been made off-handedly, and thoughtlessly, as the CBS anchor waited to do a voiceover and tease for the news. But they were a powder keg that set off an explosion among our users. Our report ignited one of the strongest reactions we’ve seen in a while. “We call these people journalists???” one user wrote. “A 2yr old could do a better job!!!!” Yet another said,“They are really stupid names.” Was Couric wrong? Should she be allowed to voice an opinion off-air? Should the person who leaked the two-year-old videotape be punished? Or…get this…should we just accept that anchors are apt to speak their minds. Look at Rachel Maddow. On Tuesday, she went on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ and blasted CNN for “not trying hard” and called Fox News “slimeballs.” All with a smile, of course. Not to be outdone, Glenn Beck this week trashed author Stephen King (“he’s the guy who’s usually number 2 when I release my books”), among other rants we don’t have to go into, and Keith Olbermann said “Glenn Beck should erase his career.” Does anyone else think these people sound more like pro wrestlers than news anchors and journalists? Do you all like it? Apparently most people prefer opinion delivered with pomposity, anger and prejudice over the news? To quote Bill O’Reilly, what say you? Even better, can you recall any outrageous remarks these folks have made over the years? Do share the best of the worst. To get you going, here’s a sample of comments people made about Couric:


“Apparently the news media has much in common with the current crop of Washington politicos……they all behave and sound like a bunch of junior high school children. (no offense to any jr. high school kiddos). Ms. Couric has certainly seen her better days. Perhaps it is a good thing her career primarily involves reading prewritten material. Her ad libbing skills don’t seem to impress many folks.” – HeartinTN

“Why is this news? Who among us didn’t think they were stupid names? Newscasters like all of us are human beings. It’s my opinion people name their kids such oddities for the attention it will garner. And then when they get the attention they know their choice of names will draw, then they turn around and whine, whine, whine.” – Rosa

“What about the name, BARACK, Katie?” – David

“if people can name their kids after days of the week, months….and Shameeka, Tamikwa, Blanket…and saw this last night, Assafur, then she can name her kids Trig and Track without being mocked” – Joemama

“Couric is an elitist jackhole. I haven’t watched her in years…what the hell are her kids names anyway?” – LaRue

“They are stupid nanes….And Palin is ridiculous….anyone even considering her as a presidential candidate are out of their minds!!!! Katie you are great!!!!!But you already know that!!” – Sheila

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