Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin: Reality TV Won’t Break Us

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

He’s conservative.
She’s wacka-doodle.
He’s quiet.
She’s loud.
He’s never watched reality TV.
She watches ALL reality TV.

Ah, yes, we’re talking about Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna and we’re about to find out a whole lot more about them when their reality show ‘Harry Loves Lisa‘ hits TV Land on October 6.

“We are total opposites,” said Rinna when describing what viewers will see on the show, at the Television Critics Association Friday in Beverly Hills. “We have nothing in common. Zero.” Hamlin said it was his idea to do the show because they wanted to do something creative together and he thought it would be kind of fun to show off his wife of 18 years’ “peculiarities.”

“In some ways, she’s like Lucy,” he said, referring to comic legend Lucile Ball on ‘I Love Lucy.’ The show, in fact, was going to be titled ‘I Love Lisa’ to play off on their similarities but they tweaked it slightly to ‘Harry Loves Lisa.’ “I’ve never seen a reality show so I have nothing to compare it to,” said Hamlin, who might have forgotten he was actually on a reality show, ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ (as was Rinna. And, no, they don’t still dance.) “And, I’ve seen all of them,” joked Rinna.

So what can we expect on the show? Marriage stuff, family stuff, and career stuff, of course. “We go to some vulnerable places that in the beginning of the show I never thought we’d go ever, ever, ever,” said Rinna. “We had an argument, yeah, and I was a little nervous about that being shown. I mean, we disagree because we’re a married couple.”

What we won’t see much of is their children. “They’re in it very little,” said Rinna. “This is quote unquote a reality show,” added Hamlin. “We can’t avoid the fact. We don’t want them to be a featured part of the show. They want to be a featured part of the show. For us, we want to keep them in the background.”

Rinna also spoke out about her infamous lip injections, which she said was inspired by actress Barbara Hershey (circa 1988’s ‘Beaches’) and that it was a big mistake. “It was a spur of the moment kind of stupid thing. There you go. I [liken] it to getting a tattoo…I wouldn’t do it again,” she said. After the panel, she told reporters sincerely that she hopes her lips “isn’t the thing that continues to define me because I’m so much more than that.” And, yes, we’ll see her deal with this issue on the show.

And as for that reality show curse, this couple has no fear. “We don’t have a prenup,” said Rinna. “We got married to stay married. That’s what we’re planning on doing. I don’t think a show ruins a marriage. I think there’s many problems to begin with before the marriage is in trouble. If this show is going to break us up, then we shouldn’t have been together in the first place.”

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