‘Pretty Little Liars’ Tell The Truth About The Season Finale

'Pretty Little Liars' (ABC Family)

'Pretty Little Liars' (ABC Family)

Pretty Little Liars‘ has millions of viewers hooked on its strange blend of well-crafted mystery and high camp.  The story of four teenage girls who are being tormented by a mysterious person named A who knows all their secrets airs its mid-season finale on Tuesday. The crafty staff of ABC Family treated the press to an advanced screening of the episode — complete with massages  — but did not show the all important final ten minutes.  Here’s what I can reveal *spoiler phobes beware*:

— This is one of the funniest episodes, thanks to a heavy dose of Mona, who hosts an action-packed birthday party.
— Be on the lookout for some hilarious hairstyles
— A spreads a nasty rumor about Hanna
— Hanna’s family’s financial problems worsen
— Toby is back with information about Alison

The Pretty Little Liars themselves, Ashley Benson (Hanna), Troian Bellasario (Spencer), Lucy Hale (Aria) and Shay Mitchell (Emily) were there to reminisce about their amazing first season and reveal some of their favorite moments.

Are we going to find out who A is in the finale?
Benson: One of us does find out, but you won’t find out.

This is just the cliffhanger for the first half of the season.  What’s going to happen in the second half?
Benson: We’ve heard that they scripts are really amazing, but we don’t know anything.
Hale: We are the very last to get the scripts.  We get them two days before we start.
Mitchell: We all have ideas of what might happen because we’ve read the books, but we can’t say for sure.

What is the biggest lie each of your characters has told?
Hale: Since I’m not really lying about my relationship, probably just keeping from my mom the fact that my dad was cheating on her.
Benson: I eventually told them about stealing and getting into trouble with the cops.  One thing they don’t know is my mom’s sleeping with the cop.
Bellasario: Stealing the essay was really huge but I told that myself.
Mitchell: Emily didn’t really lie too much. I guess lying to her mother about going to homecoming with Ben as opposed to Toby who she really went with.
Hale: We’re getting a bad rap for being liars, but we come clean about a lot on this show.
Bellasario: It’s more about the secrets that we have to sit on.  We don’t lie.  We just don’t really tell the truth.
Hale: But we come clean about a lot.

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What about the boys on the show?  Are we going to get some resolution to Mr. Fitz and Ren?
Hale: Mr. Fitz will be around.
Bellasario: He’s our teacher.  He can’t really go far.
Hale: Resolution with Aria and Ezra, I don’t know.

Will Hanna stay with the virgin Sean or go for the yearbook nerd Lucas?
Benson: I’m not sure. I think just being Hanna and how she has changed, I think she’s going to try out the Lucas thing.  I know the fans really like that and I think it would be an interesting storyline.

There’s a lot of fan speculation that the real reason Sean didn’t want to sleep with her is because he’s —
Benson and Hale: Gay!

Is that true?
Benson: I don’t know.  We’ll have to see.

Paul Lee, the head of ABC Family, just became the new president of the ABC broadcast network.  Will that impact the show at all?
Bellasario: I don’t think it will really affect our show except that we’re just so happy for his personal success.
Hale: He helped launch us, so we’re just grateful. He was there in the beginning.
Bellasario: He was so supportive.  He believed in the show and it was really awesome.  We only got to speak to him a few times but I remember him saying that, “I really hope this happens because I really think the show could be so great.” And he was right.  It’s done so well.

What were some of your favorite scenes?
Hale: I had fun at the homecoming episode because we all got to wear really great dresses and we were all together at this amazing set.
Benson: I always think it’s the most fun when it’s us four. We have our separate storylines and it’s fun but when we’re together, we have such great chemistry.
Mitchell: We’re always making each other laugh no matter what.
Benson: There was one point where I had to wear heels in the jungle and I was literally about to cry and kill someone because it was just so awful, but they made me laugh anyway.

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The show has a bit of a ‘Sex & The City‘ vibe, with four fashionable friends who always have each other’s backs.  Are we going to follow the characters through the years, and find out what they’re doing at 25?
Hale: I can only hope for that success for the show. We all love each other.
Bellasario: Girls, we’re going to Abu Dabi.

What’s the best part about being on a hit show?
Bellasario: Having a job.
Hale: Seeing the finished project.
Benson: We all went into this together in November. We didn’t quite know what it was going to do. It’s amazing to see how we’ve all grown.
Hale: It’s nice to experience this with three other girls.

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