What The What?! Kate Gosselin Eyes Emmys Gig

Kate Gosselin (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Kate Gosselin (Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Because apparently nothing was learned when a quintet of reality-TV hosts collectively (and before an auditorium full of cringing faces) emceed the Primetime Emmy Awards, tabloid darling Kate Gosselin has been asked to play a role in this year’s kudoscast airing August 29 on NBC.

How so, seeing as neither Kate nor any of her shows nor any of her kids are up for an award?

Well, the infamous mother of multiples by one account will figure into Emmys host Jimmy Fallon‘s opening skit. That piece of assuredly fine entertainment will feature “an all too familiar Kate Gosselin getting thisclose to some of today’s biggest and brightest television stars,” E! Online reports.

Custody Agreement Reached Between Jon & Kate?

Mind you, the aforementioned 2008 Emmycast was widely panned in part because it served as a glitzy showcase for reality TV, a genre that many have argued has forever altered the TV landscape – not necessarily for the better – and pushed many WGA employees to the curb, as costlier scripted fare gets displaced by on-the-cheap dating shows and what not.

The moral of the story? When we whine about awards shows dipping into the Betty White or Neil Patrick Harris well once too often, this is what we get.

Dissed By Emmys For Clooney, Reality TV Biz Mulls Boycott

Interestingly, the rumor of Gosselin’s Emmys appearance comes just days after news broke that many reality TV heavyweights might “boycott” the August 29 Emmys broadcast due to the fact that the Outstanding Reality Host award has been demoted to the non-televised ceremony, so that George Clooney may be awarded a Humanitarian Award on live TV.

Are you champing at the bit waiting to see Kate show us her comedy shops? Could a bit of wink-wink, nudge-nudge self-lampooning humor help endear Gosselin to America?

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