‘Entourage’: Is Ari Gold Screwed? Autumn Reeser Weighs In

Autumn Reeser (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Autumn Reeser (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Autumn Reeser may have one of the best gigs on TV. Playing agent Lizzie Grant on ‘Entourage,’ Reeser has the pleasure of making Ari Gold squirm; an infrequent occurrence for the fictions super agent we all hate to love. Reeser recently chatted with Fancast about how to properly quit a job, working with Jeremy Piven, and on her predilection for late-night Tweeting.

The scene where Lizzie leaves Miller Gold is one of the best exits from Ari Gold’s employ. Any memorable quitting tales from a prior job?
Thankfully no. When I was younger, I really always needed the money, so I couldn’t leave any of my retail jobs, like at Wet Seal or waitressing.

Any advice for those looking to quit like Lizzie?
Lizzie would give the worst biz advice in the world! She’d tell you a speech laced with expletives is the right way to do it. I don’t recommend that. Leaving your job in a hail of curses is not the best idea. Don’t kick people on your way out. As mad as you are, it speaks to your character when you can do unpleasant tasks with grace.

What’s up next in the feud with Ari?
We’re going to see a big battle between Lizzie and Miller Gold Agency and Ari in particular. But I think Ari starts to see her more as true competition because she approaches the business the way he does.

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Is Ari screwed?
I can’t say! That’d spoil it! I will say it’s fun to watch him try to deal with all of this. Or is that just me? It’s really fun to go head to head with Jeremy as an actor. He’s so fantastic, and he really brings the role to life. I’m grateful to the writers for trusting me with such great material and allowing me to go head-to-head with him.

Tell me you get to slap Ari at some point over this whole drama.
What’s so great is Lizzie doesn’t have to. She’s so good with words and so confident in her ability to deal with things in a proper legal manner that she doesn’t need to resort to violence. She gets heated and feels the intensity of the situations, but what makes her similar to Ari is they’re both excellent at making calculated decisions.

What do your personal agents say about your portrayal of Lizzie?
I’ve got three agents, one of whom is a girl. She’s so lovely and such a badass, and she’s told me she’s very happy with my work. [Laughs] So I know I’m in the ballpark then. And the guys love it. All my agents and the assistants get such a kick out of this. I’ve had some of them respond to certain scenes and say, ‘I’ve totally gone through that.’

I checked out your Twitter feed and noticed a significant number of your tweets are from 1-4am. Are you just a total night owl?
Well, I’ve been up really late lately. I’m usually coming home from work or an event at like one in the morning, and if my husband is driving, I can Tweet in the passenger seat. My days are so busy and so packed that I don’t have time for communication during normal day hours, so it’s substituted to first thing in the morning or late at night. What I’m really shocked at is that people want to know what I have to say. It took me a long time to figure out Twitter. [Laughs] But I have help now. Everyone in the cast of my new show [ABC’s forthcoming sci-fi series ‘No Ordinary Family’] is on Twitter. They’re constantly updating on set, so I’m learning by watching them.

Really? I’m picturing all of you guys sitting in director’s chairs during breaks, uploading pictures of each other? Accurate?
[Laughs] Very! That’s happened a few times!

Check out Autumn Reeser on ‘No Ordinary Family’:

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