‘SYTYCD’s Cat Deeley Predicts Kent For The Win

Cat Deely (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Cat Deely (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It’s finale week for ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ and the blogs are going crazy about who will be season seven’s Favorite Dancer. Is it going to be the boy-next-door who makes the girls scream like it’s the second coming of the Beatles (Kent Boyd)? Is it the lone lady left (Lauren Froderman)? Or is it the tall, dark and handsome dark-horse (Robert Roldan)?

‘SYTYCD’: Kent, Lauren & Robert Head to The Finale

Host Cat Deeley is hedging her bets on Kent – and for good reason. “If I were a betting woman, I have to put some money where my mouth is,” said Deeley. “I would probably go for Kent. But that’s not to do with his technical ability. It’s more to do with the reaction I see from the screaming girls in the studio. I mean it’s literally like Beatlemania when he hits the stage and hormones are rushing everywhere and there’s this general high-pitched screaming. So I think it might be Kent.”

That said, the British host added, “I think it could be any one of the three. I think that Robert is exceptionally strong. I think that Lauren is the last girl left [but] I think that Kent has that kind of charm that viewers just find incredibly endearing. “

Deeley also dished a bit on what we can expect on the finale: “We’ve got lots of interesting performances. We’ve got the LXD dancers are coming on. We’ve got Quest from Hok and Dominic’s crew, they’re coming on. Black Gold is also going to be performing and there are also going to be some very, very surprise special guests, which obviously I can’t tell you about.”

But the big question is who is the special guest taking over for injured favorite Alex Wong to perform his hip hop dance with tWitch? Deeley can’t say, but she did tease with this: “There’s gonna be some moments that are definitely going to be must-see TV and water cooler conversation, and ‘Oh my goodness. Did you see who just performed that routine with tWitch? Because he’s going to be performing the Alex Wong hip hop piece with a very special guest dancer.”

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‘So You Think You Can Dance’ airs Wednesday from 8-10 p.m. PST and Thursday (the finale) from 8-10 p.m. PST on Fox.

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