The Big Tease: Scoop On Grey’s, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones and More

'Grey's Anatomy's Chyler Leigh, 'NCIS' Michael Weatherly and 'Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook (ABC/CBS)

'Grey's Anatomy's Chyler Leigh, 'NCIS' Michael Weatherly and 'Criminal Minds' A.J. Cook (ABC/CBS)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Who is Avery (played by Jesse Williams) going to be hookin’ up with on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ – Teddy, April, Lexie or Bailey? – miley1017 via Twitter
Well, Teddy is gonna be macking on James Tupper’s trauma counselor, Kim Raver told me, and Sarah Drew (aka April) doubts they would pair the two “new kids.” When it comes to Lexie (yes, Chyler Leigh is brunette again), I suggested to Jesse that Little Grey’s dance card is a bit full with Mark and Alex. But he made a point of noting, “Jackson’s had some moments with her. He sometimes shows that he cares about her, so there’s chemistry there.” Your answer’s there, too, I reckon, Miley.

Any news on how CBS is writing our beloved A.J. Cook off of ‘Criminal Minds‘? – j_stille via Twitter
Details are thus far under lock and key, but adjectives such as “rewarding” and “emotional” are being used to describe JJ’s exit storyline.

Any hints as to what Michael Weatherly said about ‘NCIS‘ at the TCA party? – Annsan50 via Twitter
No mere hints, but full quotes. Season 8 opens with “a huge bang,” Michael told me. “Right off the bat we deal with every aspect of the season finale head-on [so] that no one will be on the edge of their seat wondering, ‘Is somebody alive? Is somebody dead?’ The producers and writers felt it was essential to be super clear that things were being dealt with.” Sounds more and more like Pa did have an M16 under the counter!

Will Michael Weatherly’s song ‘Bitter & Blue’ be used in Season 8 of ‘NCIS’? It’d be nice to actually have Michael singing with the guitar. – Kylie
“I can’t say if it will ever happen or never happen, but I’m not against it, in the right scenario,” Weatherly says in response to your Q. His proposed set-up: À la ‘The Fabulous Baker Boys,’ Ziva follows Tony to some “smoky little jazz club and he’s playing this heartfelt music, expressing himself.”

‘Bones’ Casting Bombshell! Three’s A Crowd?

Bones‘ is doing a ‘Jersey Shore‘-inspired episode? Say it ain’t so! – Beverly
‘Tis so, but hear me out: This could be fun. You’ll not only lay your ears on a house mix of the ‘Bones’ theme as Brennan and Booth hit the clubs to investigate a guido dubbed The Terror, but you’ll also see Temp – who is fascinated by the “mating” rituals of this crowd – labor to adopt all of the requisite slang, yo.

I read about Sienna Guillory joining ‘CSI‘ via some German sites. Why haven’t U.S. sites, at least to my knowledge, reported the news? – Kajo
If one of my peers scooped it, I too missed it. Here’s the official word: Guillory has been cast as Kacey Monohan, who is a bona fide B.A.B.E. – as in Bombs, Arson, Ballistics Expert. (Best. Acronym. Ever?) She’ll appear in at least one episode this season, with the strong possibility for more – especially since ‘CSI’ is now down one Liz Vassey.

What’s coming up for ‘Leverage‘s hottest couple, Nate and Sophie? – Maya
Nate and Sophie will continue to be flirty and sarcastic towards one another in the name of selling the occasional con. Then, come August 29, Nate discovers one (kind of) true thing about Sophie during a mission in London, where she gets a blast from her mysterious past.

We know Brainiac (James Marsters) is returning for ‘Smallville‘s 200th episode, but can you tell us what else will happen? – blackdashund via Twitter
The landmark hour, exec producer Brian Peterson says, is pegged to “one big event – and you have to wait for the last few minutes for it.” The episode as a whole will “explore a little bit of the past, the present and the future. We kind of do a little look back to where we’ve been, and we also take a look at where Clark is going.” Oh, and Brainiac? “You get to see a little bit of the old villain that we all love,” says EP Kelly Souders, “but with a new twist.”

The Big Tease: Scoop On NCIS, Smallville, Chuck, Glee and More

I’m definitely intrigued by MTV’s ‘Skins,’ since I loved the first two seasons of the original British series. But did they really drop Maxxie? – Steven via Facebook
Spurred by a comment made by HitFix’s Daniel, I played the first episode of MTV’s ‘Skins’ in a window alongside a YouTube video of the E4 pilot, and damn if the U.S. adaptation isn’t a scene-for-scene, nearly line-for-line redo – up until the point where gay tap dancer Maxxie turns into a closeted lesbian cheerleader named Tea. Read more here.

They’re seriously remaking ‘Teen Wolf‘ as an MTV TV series? Who greenlighted that? – Chris via Facebook
Someone who had the potentially gangbusters idea to give MTV their own ‘Bloody True Vampire Diaries’ series. ‘Teen Wolf’ takes minor cues from the Michael J. Fox movie – the title character is named Scott, his best bud Styles – but changes the sport of choice to lacrosse and, more importantly, serves up a darker, moodier tale featuring leathery, less-hairy lycanthropes.

Anything on ‘Juleson’ so far on the ‘Cougar Town‘ front? – Magali via Facebook
When I ran into Josh Hopkins last week, they had yet to shoot an episode, but this was his forecast for Season 2: “When we left off, they were dating, but you know that’s not going to last. I can’t wait for the breakup – I don’t know how they’re gonna do it, but it’s gonna be fun.” P.S. Smith is back!

‘90210′ Exclusive: New Arrival Helps Form A Hot Triangle

Can you tell me anything new about ‘90210‘? – Kristi
My colleague Brian chatted up the cast at last week’s TCA party, and he says to expect some action from the couple everyone’s been waiting to see get together: Liam and Annie. Suffice to say, Naomi is not gonna be happy about that. Now a question for you: Does this pairing necessarily eliminate Liam as the guy that turns out to be gay this season? Discuss.

I can’t decide if I want a “covert affair” between ‘Covert Affairs‘ Auggie and Annie. Is something in the cards for my new favorite spies? – Sarah S.
I will say this: Imminent romance is definitely on tap for both characters.

I heard the Kratt Brothers (Chris and Martin) have a new PBS show that was presented at TCA. How’d it look? – Famin via Facebook
Yes, the creators of ‘Kratts’ Creatures’ and ‘Zoboomafoo’ have tackled their first-ever animated series, ‘Wild Kratts,’ in which they set about saving animals from a big baddie plotting to create an army of biotech robots that will give him control over nature and in turn Earth. Expect a January 2011 premiere.

Hey Matt, did you get any ‘Lie To Me‘ scoop at Fox’s TCA party? – kazzie89 via Twitter
I have a video Q&A with Tim Roth coming soon, but in the meantime there’s this: Cal will tag along on a bank robbery in a Season 3 episode. Also, Roth blushed a bit when I asked about the crooked lady cop (played by Monique Curnen) that will be Cal’s potential “sexual interest” next season. Hey, blushing is a tell!

‘Lie To Me’: Two New Women Enter Cal’s Orbit

If on ‘Chuck‘ the Buy More is now being run by the CIA, what does that mean for Big Mike and the Nerd Herders? Are they off the show? – Stu
Big Mike is still on hand – though oblivious to the true nature of his new bosses, Mark Christopher Lawrence tells me. Lester and Jeff, meanwhile, are “on the lam, getting a taste of freedom… and fear,” says Vik Sahay. “Who knows what that kind of new feral quality that will bring if and when we reunite with the gang?” So, Jeffster’s on some sort of “excellent adventure”? “I don’t know about excellent,” Vik laughs. “More like torturous, weird, awkward and off-putting.”

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning TV questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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