Next On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Devastated Derek And A Mystery Wedding

'Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey (ABC)

'Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey (ABC)

When ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ uncorks its seventh season on September 23, viewers should expect a bit of darkness as well as a ray of romantic light.

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About the dark: Seeing as the Seattle Gracers witnessed a trigger-happy widower’s rampage when last we tuned in, there’s some healing of an emotional and psychological sort to be done. Flashbacks to counseling sessions gone by since the tragic event will pepper the premiere, says TV Guide Magazine, and show just how badly some of the docs have been hit.

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Derek is one of those who were hit literally (by a close-range bullet to the chest) and figuratively. As such, he is reeling plenty – and when the season picks up, he has yet to be looped in on the short-lived pregnancy Meredith (played by Ellen Pompeo) miscarried during the stress of his surgery.

“I think he’ll be devastated [by that news],” Patrick Dempsey tells TV Guide Magazine. “Seeing how quick life can be, I think they’ll want to have a child even more. Why not create a life before you lose your own?”

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And now, about the warm light within ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s season premiere. One of these couples – Callie/Arizona, Alex/Lexie or Owen/Cristina – will tie the knot during that opening hour. The smart money, at least based on cast member Kevin McKidd‘s POV, is on Drs. Hunt and Yang.

“They definitely take it to the next level,” McKidd says. “The wedding could easily be them.”

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So much to take in, ‘Grey’s’ fans! Do you think Meredith will tell Derek that she was ever pregnant? And do you suspect that Owen and Cristina will in fact be the ones to wed?

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