ABC Spies ‘MI-5′ Adaptation As ‘Alias’ Reboot Talk Dies Down

by | August 13, 2010 at 7:35 AM | Reboots & Redos, TV News

'MI-5's Rupert Penry-Jones, the original 'Alias' Jennifer Garner (BBC America/ABC)

'MI-5's Rupert Penry-Jones, the original 'Alias' Jennifer Garner (BBC America/ABC)

ABC is taking on a new mission: trying not to screw up another British TV series.

ABC Studios has signed a deal to acquire the award-winning British spy series ‘Spooks’ aka ‘MI-5‘ for an American TV adaptation.

Michael Seitzman has been hired to write and executive produce the project, says

If you, as we did, wonder why ABC would spy ‘MI-5′ when the network reportedly is also looking to reboot J.J. Abrams’ ‘Alias,’ here’s your answer: A source at ABC tells Fancast that as of now, there is nothing officially in the pipeline as far as a new ‘Alias.’ The ‘MI-5′ port, meanwhile, has entered the script stage.

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A big hit in Britain, ‘MI-5′ follows intelligence officers for the titular UK agency who work out of Thames in a highly secure location known as The Grid.

The original ‘Spooks’ series, launched in 2002, has been spied by many American viewers – under the title ‘MI-5′ – on A&E, BBC America and PBS.

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ABC, like NBC (‘The Office’), is no stranger to looking across the pond for ideas. In 2008, the Alphabet network adapted the popular British time-travel series ‘Life on Mars.’ Starring Jason O’Mara and Michael Imperioli, the U.S. edition was canceled after one season.