Levi Johnston Talks to Kimmel About Bristol and the Palins

Levi Johnston was on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last night, and although the interview was mostly awkward, he did say a couple of interesting things about his strange relationship with Bristol Palin and her family, as well as how his new show is going to split time between his run for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and his time in Hollywood.

“It’s crazy how us teens work, right?” he said when Kimmel asked about the status on-again, off-again nature of his engagement with Bristol. “We’re taking a break. We’re just doing the best thing we can for Tripp right now.”

He also confirmed that the recent re-engagement was a surprise to the Palin family, and they had to read about it in a magazine. “That was more Bristol’s idea than anything,” he said. “I wasn’t going to be the one to tell them. We were starting to hang out for a while, and it was almost like we never broke up. We just picked back up and things were going great and we just said ‘all right, let’s try it again’ and… wow.”

He also revealed that he had to buy a second ring for the second engagement, too, so he’s down “two rings and quite a bit of money, now,” and the Palins have “kinda kicked me out now, permanently.” Kimmel then asked “Have they ever asked you to go hunting with them? Because if they do, don’t.

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