Users Speak: Are TV Stars Overpaid? What Should They Be Earning?

Charlie Sheen (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Charlie Sheen (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

This week we learned the salaries of some of television’s biggest stars. Also big? Their paychecks. Did you know Oprah makes a whopping $315 million a year for her syndicated talk show? Judge Judy, whose show also airs in syndication, takes home a cool $45 million a year, according to a recent TV Guide Magazine study. But it’s not just TV “personalities” who make the big bucks. ‘Two and a Half Men‘ star Charlie Sheen, who tops the list as the highest paid actor on television, banks $1.25 million per episode. Yes, that’s right. (All the better to spend on legal fees!) Meanwhile, Sheen’s co-star, Jon Cryer, rakes in $550,000 an episode.

In light of this news we found ourselves asking, does the work these celebrities do merit this level of compensation? What is the price tag for coming into our homes each week – or day – to entertain us? How much is too much? Below, our favorite comments of the week.

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Wow! As a finance dept worker, I made less than $20,000/year. My SSI now is $1,400/month. Can you imagine what these folk’s SSI will be when they retire? Yikes!!! — St Paul

Seems like I have to say this every day…once again, this pathetic society rewards bad behavior. — Commenter

Oh, this is nothing compared to what I make. Millions a year is nothing. I’m in the Billions a year. Hold on, I got a call from Bill Gates, gotta take it…. — Jon

We have some fine minds in this country, scientists, doctors, etc that have made enormous contributions to man kind with little recognition let alone big pay checks. Discoveries that help people recover from illness, poverty. It’s a shame you don’t see the names of these big earners more often making monitery contributions to help people who could really use it. I used to think Oprah was quite generous but if she’s making 315 million a year I’m sorry but the effort she’s making is very weak.I don’t watch these shows much because I feel guilty that I’m making a contribution to their over paid wealth. — David

NONE of them deserve THAT MUCH! How about teachers or people who make a difference in the lives of children or military men and women or cops and firefighters who risk their lives for others? There are some people who deserve a huge payday. Not any of these spoiled celebrities. — @Stella

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