Deep Soap: Kim Zimmer Joins OLTL, B&B Recasts Emmy Winner

Kim Zimmer (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Kim Zimmer (Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Mid-Week Casting Report

Here is some casting news I can get behind: Kim Zimmer, ‘Guiding Light’s‘ one and only Reva Shayne, is joiningOne Life To Live.‘  She will be returning to the role of Echo DiSavoy, who she played back in 1982, shortly before she joined GL.

According to SoapNet, the ridiculously named character was Clint’s mistress when he was married to Vicki.  This time, she will again be interacting with Clint, now played by her former GL costar Jerry Ver Dorn.  This use of an obscure chapter of OLTL’s history makes a lot of sense.  Clint has been in storyline limbo since the show was forced to write off his love interest Kim due to actress Amanda Setton’s decision to abruptly vacate the role.

Bringing on a character who is Clint’s age and already has a relationship with him is a good way of creating an interesting story that will not be a retread of his romance with the much younger Kim.   The multiple Emmy award winning Zimmer will be a valuable addition to the talented cast.  Former  GL fans will undoubtedly get a kick out of watching the actor who played Ross and the actor who played Reva together in different roles, especially since Ross and Reva would have been so very, very wrong for each other.

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In the most surprising casting news of the week, ‘The Bold & The Beautiful‘ is replacing this year’s surprise Younger Actor Daytime Emmy winner, Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas) with Adam Gregory. Gregory is best known for playing Ty, the teen who knocked up Adrianna, on ‘90210.’  The show opted not to comment on the switch. As a viewer of ‘90210’ (don’t judge me), I think that Gregory did a good job playing a callous jerk.  Perhaps the show has decided to take the character of Thomas in a less sympathetic direction.

In other B&B news, Ed Scott, former Executive Producer of ‘The Young & The Restless‘ and ‘Days of Our Lives‘ is joining the show as a  producer.   Current supervising producer Rhonda Friedman is moving into what is described as more of a managerial role with the show, so Scott will be handling the show’s physical production.

Scott worked for Y&R for over 25 years, rising to the position of Executive Producer and working closely with the show’s creator, Bill Bell. During his short tenure at DOOL, Scott improved the show’s production values and directing.   B&B already has top notch production values, but Scott’s gift for working with actors will certainly be an asset to the show.   Plus, he will once again be working in the same building as his wife, Y&R star Melody Thomas Scott. As a Y&R alumna, I have to say, having Ed Scott back in Television City working on a Bell show just feels right.

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Eli Clarke Is The Worst Person In The World

Alvin Green’s mysterious victory in the South Carolina senate primary? Blame ‘One Life To Live’s‘ Eli Clarke (Matt Walton).  Eli was also responsible for that strange plane crash in the Saint Andes, Dr. Laura’s racist tirade, and the global disappearance of honeybees.

That’s the conclusion I have come to after learning that the suddenly omnipotent lawyer is somehow pressuring Greg to make sure that Tea spends the final days of her life far away from her family.  This is getting ridiculous.

Greg, who has been nothing but a good doctor and a nice guy since he came to Llanview, has either done something so terrible that Eli is able to blackmail him — never mind how he found out about it — or is so weak that Eli has persuaded him to take Tea out of the country.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Eli is also somehow responsible for Tea’s health problems, that she does not really have an inoperable brain tumor, which will be how the show spares her life.  So Eli has now: murdered Melinda, caused Marty’s miscarriage, blackmailed Hannah into making a false confession, blackmailed Ford into keeping his mouth shut, and forged Tea’s will with little motivation.

I do not understand why every character is cowed by his threats to hurt people they care about when all they have to do to get rid of him is record him and go to the police.  But it’s disappointing to see OLTL resort to blaming all of its current storylines on one villain.

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