Kathy Griffin To Larry King: ‘Heterosexual Marriage Should Be a Criminal Offense’

Kathy Griffin (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Kathy Griffin (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Kathy Griffin might think her life’s on ‘The D-List,’ but Tuesday night on ‘Larry King Live,’ she was totally on the G-list.

Disappointed over Tuesday’s ruling to delay the recent Prop 8 appeal until December, the comic actress/author and outspoken LGBT supporter — who happens to be up for another Emmy — sounded off on why gay marriage is hot and heterosexual marriage should put you in handcuffs.

Even if you abhor the red-headed firecracker, you can’t deny she pulls out some zingers. Here’s a sampling of her exchange with Mr. Suspenders, who was probably wondering if he’d had a senior moment when he agreed to have the off-the-wall TV personality back on his show.

Larry: “Why are you so strong on this?”
Kathy: “Because it’s a civil rights issue, and even though I’m a heterosexual female, I am kind of immersed in the gay community … I think it’s no different than interracial marriage.”

Larry: “What about those who say marriage is a sacred thing between a man and a woman and it’s about procreation?”
Kathy: “Well, it’s not. Because first of all, the divorce rate is high — and I say that as a bitter divorcee — because you know I have a very unusual stance, which is that I’m pro gay marriage but I believe heterosexual marriage should be a criminal offense.” [Out pops her trademark squinty-eyed smile.]

Larry: “That’s Prop 9!”

Watch Griffin Give a Speech on Repealing ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Kathy-Griffin%3A-My-Life-on-the-D-List/3775/1544526229/Like-the-Crazy%2C-Nutbag-Right-Wingers/embed 580 476]

All kidding aside, Griffin went on to point out that given our country’s history on race relations (she brings up Brown vs. Board of Education as an example), public opinion has always tended to move slowly on civil rights matters. “I think it’s just an issue of right and wrong,” she said.

Of course, the segment had to end on a chuckle, with the septuagenarian host asking Griffin how she felt about her “former lover” Levi Johnston running back into the arms of Bristol Palin (if only for a few seconds). With rage in her eyes, she gave King a piece of her mind and deftly managed to include a Boy Band reference:

Kathy: “I didn’t know you were just going to cut my heart open on this show! Yeah I’ve been dumped … as the Backstreet Boys would say, ‘Stop playing games with my heart.’ If I kept sleeping with Levi Johnston, I’d have made gay marriage legal because gays like him. They think he’s hot!”
Larry: “You could’ve been the First Lady of the Mayor of Wasilla.”
Kathy: “I think that could still happen. And let me tell you, we’re gonna gay up Wasilla if I’m the First Lady.”

Gaying up Wasilla or not, does Griffin have a point in saying this is a human rights issue rather than simply a gay one?

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