Jennifer Aniston Causes ‘Retarded’ Controversy on ‘Regis & Kelly’

Jennifer Aniston (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston (Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston is under fire for sticking her foot in her mouth Thursday during an appearance on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly.’

The 41-year-old actress was discussing her recent magazine spread in which she dressed up as Barbara Streisand, when she made an offensive slip-up.

“You’re playing dress up!” Regis Philbin, the master of oblivious observations, exclaimed. “Yes, I play dress up!” Aniston replied, before adding a self-deprecating kicker, “I do it for a living, like a retard!”


Now people are up in arms and in a Twittering frenzy over her politically incorrect choice of words, since the ‘r-word’ is regarded as verboten these days.

Peter Berns, CEO of The Arc (an organization for people with disabilities), says Aniston’s remark was “extraordinarily offensive and inappropriate.”

“Frankly, someone in her position ought to know better,” Berns told Us Weekly. “She is using language that is offensive to a large segment of the population in this country. We estimate that there are probably in excess of 5 million people in the country with intellectual disabilities, and when you think about all of them, their family members and friends, you’re talking about tens of millions of people who find the use of that term to be really offensive. Every time folks hear that word, it kind of reminds them of all the discrimination and oppression they’ve experienced in their lives. Even if it wasn’t intended to insult them, that is the effect of it.”

Aniston was promoting her new film, ‘The Switch,’ about a woman who decides to have a child on her own, a project that has pretty much become a media nightmare for the star.

First, Jay Leno indelicately asked Aniston–you know, the one who got publicly humiliated by ex-husband Brad Pitt and what’s-her-name–if she would use a sperm donor to have a baby (…since she’s the sad, lonely, over 40, still-single girl).

Then Fox News guard dog Bill O’Reilly called her out on her non-existent single mothering ways for being “destructive to society,” forcing the former ‘Friends‘ star to fight back.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s faux pas? Was it a harmless mistake, or should she have known better?

Watch the Exchange Below:

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