‘Good Wife’ Sex Scene May Be Cut, Stars Tease Love Triangle

Margulies and Noth at 'The Good Wife' Press Conference (Photo: Heather Wines/CBS)

Margulies and Noth at 'The Good Wife' Press Conference (Photo: Heather Wines/CBS)

Whether or not an oral sex scene screened the other day for a group of reporters ever makes it into the final cut of ‘The Good Wife‘ this coming fall, the scene gave plenty of evidence that the frosty relationship between Alicia Florrick (the “good wife” played by Julianna Margulies) and her scandalized-politician husband, Peter (Chris Noth) could be headed for a thaw.

Season 2 of ‘The Good Wife’ Gets Steamy

At a news conference staged on the CBS show’s courtroom set in a Brooklyn studio, where production on the new season has been under way for weeks, Margulies herself indicated that the relationship between Alicia and Peter is evolving, possibly in a warmer direction, if their steamy sex scene is any indication.  That’s bad news, of course, for Will Gardner (Josh Charles), who had been in pursuit of Alicia last season right up to, and including, the finale’s cliffhanging moment.

“I think what starts happening in their relationship is they have really discovered that they work [as aggressive courtroom attorneys] the same way.  And it’s a turn-on for both of them,” Margulies said of the chemistry and history between Peter and Alicia.  “It doesn’t mean they are, essentially, back together, but they are trying to make things work, and certain things are showing a light.”

“I agree with my ‘wife’,” added Noth, who was seated beside her.  “I don’t think the stitches are out yet of the wound that never heals but leaves a scar.”

Here’s what else we were able to glean from the session, as ‘The Good Wife’ gears up for its second season, premiering Tuesday, Sept. 28, at 10/9c.

Archie Punjabi finds her character, Kalinda Sharma, so mysterious that even she is eager to learn more about her. “I’m still trying to figure out this role myself,” Punjabi said.  “The writers and I are closely trying to understand her.  She is very cautious in what she says and the facial expressions that she has.  It’s difficult to play a character like that, not knowing where you are going to go and not knowing what you are going to do. 

But whether she – or we – will get to know Kalinda any better in Season 2 remains an open question.  Says she, “Having looked at some of the stuff [coming up], I am even more confused about her.”

The new season starts right where the first season ended, at the point where Alicia was poised to join Peter on stage for his announcement that he’s running for state’s attorney and Alicia’s phone rings with a call from Will.  “A continuation of that exact phone call is how we start off Season 2,” Margulies said.  “But Eli Gold [Alan Cumming] steps in and intervenes, and I never hear the message [Will leaves on her phone].  It’s a very disturbing episode, because you just see two people – they’re ships in the night because someone has intervened.  It sort of leaves everyone wondering, what if?”

Behind the Scenes of the Season Finale Cliffhanger:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Good-Wife/104638/1507204940/The-Good-Wife—Behind-the-Scenes%3A-Finale/embed 580 476]


Gary Cole’s in Australia doing a play, which leaves Christine Baranski’s character, Diane, missing her man — Cole’s character Kurt McVeigh — and not knowing if he’ll return to the show. “ I’m not sure you will see much of him initially, because Gary went off to do a play in Australia,” Baranski said.  “So, Diane is pining away.”

Alicia’s teen-aged kids, Zach and Grace, are growing up, with Zach (Graham Phillips) taking a new interest in politics, his father’s business. “We are just as mischievous as ever,” Phillips said.  “Also, my character is starting to get really interested politically, as far as [his father’s] whole campaign.  So I think that is going to be really fun for me to get more involved with that, and kind of start inching my way into the actual realm of politics.”

Alicia’s estranged, gay brother (played by Dallas Roberts) will turn up in Chicago this season [*correction noted below]. Margulies wasn’t 100 percent sure how long he’ll stick around, but predicted it’s highly likely he’ll recur. “My guess is that he will be recurring, but I don’t know,” she said. “He was just written right now for one episode, but Dallas Roberts is so spectacular, and I think he took everyone’s breath away. So, I’m sure he will be coming back as most of the recurring great characters do.”

So who is he? “He is someone who has been out of her life and hasn’t been by her side through all of this, and he comes back in,” she explained.  “He is a visiting professor and he comes back into our lives. And him and Peter have a real beef with each other, something in the past.”

Are you excited about ‘The Good Wife’s second season?  Who do you want Alicia to choose, Peter or Will?

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