Kim Raver Reveals Her New Perspective, Teases Hot ‘Grey’s’ Hook-Up

Kim Raver in 'Bond Of Silence' (Lifetime)

Kim Raver in 'Bond Of Silence' (Lifetime)

Kim Raver took a break from dwelling on matters of love, as ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Teddy Altman, to explore sobering questions about death in the Lifetime original movie ‘Bond Of Silence‘ (premiering Monday at 9/8c).

Inspired by the true story of Katy Hutchison, ‘Bond Of Silence’ stars Raver as a woman whose husband is mysteriously killed when he tries to quiet a teenager’s out-of-control New Year’s Eve party. As Raver’s character chips away at a “wall of silence” and unravels the truth behind the tragedy, she surprisingly decides to not crucify the guilty party but instead enlist him in a crusade to educate people on the danger of letting youths party hard sans supervision.

Reflecting on Hutchison’s mission of restorative justice, Raver says, “I don’t know many people who are able to go through something like that and forgive, and then go on this whole second journey.”

So powerful was Hutchison’s ability to turn the other cheek, “It’s gotten me to think about forgiveness in a different way, and I’m grateful for that,” says Raver. “In the purest form, she was able to overcome her tragedy for the greater good, and I respect that.”

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Exactly a month from ‘Bond Of Silence’s premiere, Raver can be seen again scrubbing in as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Teddy, who – hear the chorus of angels sing – is done dogging fellow war vet Owen (played by Kevin McKidd) and instead en route to a new romance, with a grief counselor being played by James Tupper (‘Men In Trees’). After all, as Raver notes of Tupper’s casting on ‘Grey’s,’ “If they’re handsome and hot, there’s going to be some action happening!”

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While Raver appreciates how Teddy’s interference in the Owen/Cristina romance helped introduce her character with a bang, she recognizes that interlopers seldom win viewers over. “I’m glad that we’re not going to be playing the love triangle for two seasons,” she says. “For the fans, for us [the actors]… for everyone.”

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