‘Parks and Recreation’ Bromance Ahead For Adam Scott And Aziz Ansari?

Adam Scott on Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Adam Scott on Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Adam Scott has come a long way from his ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ days. The actor’s delved into the comedy world with force. There was his scene-stealing performance in ‘Step Brothers,’ and his Starz comedy series ‘Party Down.’ And it was announced that he’ll be a regular on NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ for the upcoming season. Scott chatted with Fancast about his new gig, how he felt about the cancellation of ‘Party Down,’ and the best way to kill giant piranhas.

Congrats on joining the ‘Parks’ crew.
Thanks. It’s awesome. I was a big ‘Parks and Rec’ nerd before this, so it was a really cool to go over there and join up.

Your character, Ben Wyatt, seems to be a bureaucrat with a secret soft side. He’s ended up helping Leslie Knope towards the end of last season, but they were very adversarial when they first met.
That’s definitely true. You know he’s not a total monster. I could never be a politician, myself. I’m sure I would say something stupid and I would end up getting impeached, just like Ben did. [Laughs]. But Ben is skeptical about Pawnee and Leslie Knope [Amy Poehler], yet I also think he’s very charmed by her and can understand why people rally around her.

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It seemed like there were hints of a love interest developing between Ben and Leslie. Any plans to expand that story line?
I think there’s always potential for that, but I can’t say with certainty.

What can you tell us about the next season?
Something funny happens when an unlikely friendship between Ben and Tom Haverford [Aziz Ansari] forms. You would think they’re complete opposites, because of the small stuff, such as how Ben is decidedly not a club guy.  But they find some common ground and the writers came up with a bunch of funny stuff for Aziz and I. So that was a lot of fun.

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I really liked ‘Party Down’ and was sad when it was canceled. Were you upset by the decision?
It was too bad. But the network was moving on in a different direction and the show didn’t fit in with the direction they were heading. There was nothing we could really do. So, it’s onwards and upwards.

As an actor, how do you react when your show is canceled?
We, the cast, kind of saw it coming. We weren’t surprised. We were understandably bummed. But certainly not caught off guard. We all emailed each other and commiserated about the decision. We keep meaning to get dinner together, but with everyone’s schedules, it’s hard since very few of us are in town during the same times.

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You’re one of the stars of the ‘Piranha 3D’ movie, which came out last Friday.
Yeah, it’s just a little summer popcorn movie in the tradition of ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Friday the 13th,’ the perfect cross between slasher-movie and adventure film. [Laughs].  We spend most of our time fighting off hundreds of killer piranhas invading a lake during spring break.

Do you freak out in lakes and other large bodies of water whenever something hits your foot?
Ever since seeing ‘Jaws,’ I’m skittish. The problem with lakes is that they’re so dark. You never know what’s under the surface. This movie wont make you feel any better about that.

What’s the best way to stop a piranha attack?
Apparently a shotgun is the preferred method, if going by our movie is any indication. We just grabbed shotguns and started blowing them all away.

How’s your aim with a shotgun?
I have no idea how I am in real life. I’ve never shot a real gun. But in a movie my aim is great.

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