Letterman Harangues Brian Williams For Going On Leno

David Letterman came back from a two week layoff last night, and it seems like he’s decided it’s open season on Jay Leno, if his interview with Brian Williams is any indication. When the ‘NBC Nightly News’ anchor came out, the first thing Dave said was “You probably go on that Jay Leno show, right? I don’t like it when you go on that show.”

Williams’ response was “That’s funny, because he doesn’t like it when I come here.” Dave then asked “Could you not go on that show?” and the anchor responded with “And now you’re sounding like him.” This, of course, let Dave cut loose with his snide Leno impersonation he’s come to enjoy so much lately.

“But here’s the deal,” Dave said. “To be on the Jay Leno show, you’ve got to travel all the way to California. To be on my show, all you’ve got to do is catch a bus.” Later, he clarified his reasoning, saying “I like to think of you and me as more real guys as opposed to you and Jay. You and I have a symbiotic kind of a thing going here, whereas you and Jay are just ‘yeah, hey, how’s it going?’ You and I are the real thing, right?”

Williams noted the commonalities of his upbringing with Dave’s Midwest origins. “Indiana-bred, and with me it’s upstate New York and Jersey shore, kind of the heart of America as I like to put it. Jay would argue he’s from a blue-collar suburb of Boston.” Dave quickly cut in with a “Blue collar. He’s got 400 cars. Does he give you a car every time you go out there?”

Williams then diplomatically tried to change the subject to Regis Philbin’s obsession with trying to socialize with Letterman, but Dave wasn’t quite done yet. “Here’s a good example. I would really rather he spend more time with Jay.”

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Late-Show-With-David-Letterman/90389/1573153375/David-Letterman—Brian-Williams%3A-No-More-Leno-/embed 580 476]

It remains to be seen if this means Dave’s going to start harassing people on-air for going on Leno, or if he just likes his bond with Williams in particular. After having an in-depth conversation about the disasters in Pakistan, the continuing problems with the Gulf of Mexico, climate change, the selfishness of America and gluttons on the Food Network in the face of worldwide starvation, Dave then quipped “This is the kind of thing you get on Leno’s show: ‘So what kind of car you driving now, Brian? What kinda car you drivin’?'”

Williams’ response this time was to look directly into the camera and mouth the words “Help me.”

Watch the clip of Dave’s interview with Brian Williams right here.

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