‘Bachelor Pad’ Exit Q&As: Who Thinks Elizabeth Is Demonic?

Bachelor Pad (ABC)

Bachelor Pad (ABC)

Although Gia Allemand and Jonathan “Weatherman” Novack got the hook on Monday night’s ‘Bachelor Pad,’ the two were all jokes and giggles in a joint conference call with reporters the following day. Here’s our back-and-forth with the model and meteorologist-turned-stand-up comic:

Gia, are you still in a relationship? Did the show create any friction for you and your boyfriend?
Gia: I’m not gonna say yet whether or not I’m [still] in a relationship — I’m going to wait til the finale. My boyfriend is a great guy; it was really hard for him and hard for me to put him through that. I feel bad that I got close to another guy on the show, [but] he handled everything with such class.

Now that you’ve been watching the show, how do you feel about what the contestants — specifically Elizabeth — have been saying about you behind your back?
Jonathan: I consider a contestant to be of a human form, not of a demonic form. Elizabeth really wasn’t a contestant in my mind. Everyone else was cool.

Why did you go back on your word and give Wes the rose?
Gia: When we came up with this plan, I forgot that if I kept Craig safe, what if they voted off Wes? I thought quickly and I went with my instincts. I’d never would’ve done it if I knew Craig wasn’t safe. When Nikki went back on her vote, I was crushed. Nikki was the one who made us aware that Kiptyn would never vote off Tenley, so I said if that’s the case, then Kiptyn should go. I said, ‘You sure you want to go through with this?’ — and she was all gung-ho about it. Yeah, I went back on my word, but I had a backup plan to keep my word safe, and then here’s this girl that ruined the plan that we all came up with and didn’t even warn us.

Why do you think you didn’t get the rose, and then got voted off?
Jonathan: I’m not 100% sure. I don’t know who all voted for me in the end. I know Peyton voted for me to go home and that was a completely wrong choice…. A lot of stupid mistakes were made. People shot themselves in the foot. After the second rose ceremony, people clammed up and no one wanted to talk strategy anymore.

You and Nikki had disagreed on eliminating Kiptyn, but in the end it was Kiptyn whom you hoped would save you from elimination. Do you regret telling him you were trying to vote him off?
Gia: The difference between Kiptyn and I is that I say it how it is. When I watched him [on Monday’s broadcast] lying to Peyton, that was kind of a turn-off.

Jonathan, would you be the next Bachelor if ABC offered it to you?
Jonathan: Have you heard something? I’d definitely consider it, but i personally don’t think that’s going to happen.

Why do you think everyone’s crying so much on ‘Bachelor Pad’?
It just gets to the point where you’re away from your family and loved ones and you’re so emotional to begin with — you just really need to talk to someone that’s real, like you know you can trust. Everyone’s falling down on you, so many emotions come out. It’s crazy!
Jonathan: You’re going for money and you’re going for love—those two things are mutually exclusive, they just have nothing to do with each other, opposite strategies. Inevitably, it’s going to be crazy and people’s emotions are going to blow up when you’re going for those two things at the same time.

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