Jimmy Fallon Dishes Tidibits On What He’s Planning For The Emmys

“We’re going to do something different this year at this Emmys that no one’s ever done,” Emmy host Jimmy Fallon said this morning in a conference call when asked about what he’s got planned for the telecast. “We’re going to do the exact same show that Neil Patrick Harris did last year. Word for word. It got pretty decent reviews, so if I can get half of the good ones he got, I’m psyched.”

An amusing deflection, giving props to last year’s host, but overall Fallon was fairly tight-lipped about what he had planned. “I like people to be surprised,” he explained. “There’s nothing like that emotion of seeing something on TV and you go ‘oh wow, that was just exciting.’ I could tell you, but you don’t even want to know. I know you have to ask because it’s your job, but nobody wants to know the ending of ‘Lost’ at the first episode. You want to be surprised and then talk about it.”

That’s not to say he was completely mum about hinting on what we might see this Sunday. “Betty White will be attending and doing something,” he revealed. “Hopefully she’s not drunk. I mean, dear lord, it is just a mess. We were out a John Mayer concert the other night and it was just a mess getting her home, just getting her in the limousine. She promised me she’s going to clean up her act.”

Another hint came from what Fallon refused to deny – mainly whether or not his ‘Glee’ parody ‘6-Bee’ was going to make an appearance considering all the ‘Glee’ stars who are Emmy-nominated. “I don’t know,” he answered, very non-committal. “I’m in the Nokia Theater right now. I’m in rehearsals right now and I know a bunch of people are coming through. I don’t want to give anything away and say anything, and I really wish you wouldn’t either. I like people being surprised. I think it’s more fun for the viewers to not know. Just know that it’s the Emmys and it’s going to be fun. I know a lot of the ‘Glee’ kids are nominated. I am a Gleek, so if I can play with those guys, I’d love to.”

That apparently goes for everybody, though. “I want to get as many people involved as I can. Whoever will do a bit with me, I’m going to reach out to everybody. I’m going to definitely embrace all the fun, interesting things that happened in television this year, which I think was a great year, whether it be the new shows like ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Glee’ or the shows that are going away like ‘Lost’ and ’24’ and ‘Law & Order.’ I had a lot to play with from this past year and I’m definitely going to include that in our show and just embrace all of television’s moments, nominated or not.”

Fallon is a big fan of television in general, at one point claiming he has five TiVos running at any given time, so he’s a perfect choice to host, since he really seems to get why people watch award shows. “You look for those moments at any award show,” he explained. “I could host and write out anything I want, but really the show is the moments. That person’s speech was awful or that person’s speech was great or that girl’s dress was awful. You look for those moments and go ‘oh my god, that was great.’ I’m kind of hoping that there will be that Jack Palance push-up moment. Everyone looks for that. I doubt we’ll see Betty White doing any push-ups, but if I could convince her, that would really save me a lot of guff.”

Another innovation to look for is the Twitter contest, where you get a chance to write your own joke funny enough to be used as an introduction for the award presenters on the broadcast. “You know just as well as I do, old people love to tweet I’m going for the older crowd with Twitter. That’s kind of obvious,” he joked, before explaining the evolution of this idea. “I had a bunch of ideas on how we make it interactive. We were going to have people tweet if they wanted to see a ‘Boy Meets World’ reunion, stuff like that. But that was a little bit too extreme on one end. It’s such a large audience, and you have to go kind of broad so that everyone can join in on the fun and get creative. And we couldn’t get Topanga. She wouldn’t sign on.”

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What’s his biggest challenge in taking on this big job? “Keeping my weight down,” he joked. “I got spanks made. Tom Ford made my spanks this year – people are going to ask me who I’m wearing and that’s what I’d say. I’m a little nervous. I’ve thrown up a couple of times – not because I’m nervous, but because I just want to lose weight. It’s a faster way to lose weight if you just throw up all your food.”

Seriously, though, is he worried about the intense scruitny, and how vicious critics can get on Monday morning? “It’s a tough gig,” Fallon admits, “but you can’t really do it for the reviews. I’m hosting my show now, we’re coming up on our 300th show. That’s what I do for a living. I host. This is just another hosting, but it’s at an uber-level. I love this gig. I’m excited about doing it. I’m honored to do it. I want to keep it moving, keep it fast, keep it respectable.”

“I wish it could air tomorrow so you can see,” he added, excitedly. “I’m pretty proud of what we’re doing.”

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