‘Real Housewife’ Caroline: My Attack On Danielle Was ‘Cruel’ But True

Caroline on 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey' (Bravo)

Caroline on 'Real Housewives Of New Jersey' (Bravo)

The tears of a clown? Well, when you’re talking about ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Caroline Manzo and her feelings about her showdown with Danielle Staub, not so much. Maybe a more appropriate term would be “resigned acceptance with a smidgen of regret”?

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“I’m not proud of the names I called her; my remarks were cruel and childish,” Caroline confides on her Bravo TV blog. “But, that’s my truth. Makes absolutely no sense but, it is what it is. I said what I said out of frustration and anger. I was speaking to someone who was looking me dead in the eye and lying to me. Not only that, there was absolutely no accountability on her part at all.”

Regardless, the 49-year-old redhead is just glad the incident is over and vows to never get tangled up in Danielle’s drama again. “I’m done,” says states.

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So what does her arch rival have to say about the confrontation?

“There is no resolve with a clown who calls anyone garbage,” Staub herself writes. “Remember to stand your ground ~ even if the ground seems to move ~ stay still ~ it’ll move around you.” Yeah, she’s wild for the tildes.

Or in other words: Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. May the Love and Light be with everyone… except for the Manzo clan.

As for us, we’d rather Danielle apologize for this song-and-dance abomination.

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