‘Kate Plus Eight’ Video Preview: Kate Screams for Ice Cream!

Kate Gosselin in TLC's 'Kate Plus Eight'

Kate Gosselin in TLC's 'Kate Plus Eight'

We’re just gonna tell you straight out: Although it’s been awhile, we’re still having a hard time swallowing this whole Divorcée-Gone-Wild look that Kate Gosselin has been sporting.

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In this sneak peek clip for Monday night’s new episode of ‘Kate Plus Eight,’ the dashing diva is not only in her fiercest form — mid-length hair extensions (check!), clicking, impractical high heels (check!), freshly kept french-manicured talons (check!) — but she’s also off on a Big Apple summer adventure with her adorable ankle biters in tow!

Let’s take a look at the lads and lasses. And… awwww!

Kate Gosselin's eight offspring in 'Kate Plus Eight' (TLC)

Kate Gosselin's eight offspring in 'Kate Plus Eight' (TLC)

So what’s on the G-Team’s agenda? Summer in New York calls for an ice cream run! Yippee!

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Check out Kate’s scrumdiddlyumptious sweet treat excursion as she clickety-clacks through the concrete jungle, with her two slave mannies trailing behind her. Help, the ice cream is melting! All over Kate’s designer minidress!

And hey! Was that Jon G. manning the Halal cart right at the end? Oh wait. That was just our goofy wishful thinking.

Press PLAY below to get a taste of ‘Kate Plus Eight’s dessert-based drama.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Kate-Plus-8/107186/1576206097/Kate-Plus-Eight%3A-Big-Apple-Sneak-Peek/embed 580 476]
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