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We’ve already supplied our own list of Emmy predictions, so now we’re turning the tables around and asking you who deserves a win at Sunday night’s awards ceremony. Should the final season of ‘Lost‘ be rewarded over newcomer ‘The Good Wife‘ for best drama? How about lead actor in a comedy? Is it time for Alec Baldwin to pass the ‘30 Rock‘ baton? Below are our favorite comments of the week. Keep the opinions coming!

How can Julianna Margulies be the winner when she isn’t even the best on her own show; Archie Panjabi is. If all it takes to win is walking around with a mopie look on her face than yes, Margulies should win. The actress who would have won for the past several years is Kyra Sedgewick, who is by far the best. –Jimmy Buff

I really, really, REALLY hope LOST wins. No doubt, Mad Men is great. But LOST started great, introduced to television a great story-telling arc and narrative style, and finished in grand fashion (and still keeping us confused in the process! ha). The shows deserves a proper send off with its last Emmy win. — Xavier

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I do hope that Matthew Fox wins. Other than that, I am rooting for Modern Family all the way! As much as I love Jane Lynch from her work with Christopher Guest, I would love to see Sofia Vegara or Julie Bowen take it. For the guys, I’d have to vote for Ty Burrell, even though I love Mitchell and Cam!!! –@Rocko

Modern Family is the best show I’ve seen in a long time. It just keeps getting better. It would be a hard choice to pick a winner from that cast…they’re all stellar! — Kat

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Same old shows, same people winning for substandard shows. The Good Wife…..doesn’t really deserve to win anything. It is a ‘new’ show thats been done before with different people at one point in time or another. There is so much ‘reality’ TV on now it is pathetic. Where have the writers gone? Where is the creative TV we used to see?? Even cable is riddled with reality. It is a darn shame. — AriesK17

Bazinga!!I hoped Jim Parsons would have won. Big Bang Theory is a very funny show. Nerds Rule!!!!! — Michelle

“We have to go back, Kate. We have to go BAACK!!” And I’m so glad they did! Never has a TV show had such an impact on so many people like Lost has. They won the Emmy the first year. What a fitting end to win it for their last. All the nominees deserve to win – especially Foxy and Terry O. I will forever yearn for answers to the unsolved mysteries of Lost. Yes, I have mixed emotions about the ending, but writing like that is what makes an unforgettable, epic TV series. And, as far as comedy, can you say “Fizbo the Clown?” Priceless. — Lorien

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