Kate Gosselin Glams – And Hams – It Up At The Emmys

Kate Gosselin showed off her figure, and sense of humor, at the Emmy Awards.  (Frazier Harrison, Getty Images)

Kate Gosselin showed off her figure, and sense of humor, at the Emmy Awards. (Frazier Harrison, Getty Images)

She didn’t exactly spill out of her dress as some on the red carpet did, but if you looked close you noticed some risque slits in her black gown.

She had her hair done up in a made-for-TV updo and her eyebrows done. She blew kisses on the red carpet. She showed off her toned arms, waving with the renewed self-confidence of a woman buffed and buoyed and looking to remake herself after a long, hard spell.

She was very much solo, though, which was part of the point Kate Gosselin wanted to make at Sunday’s Primtime Emmy Awards. She also wanted the the world to see that she wasn’t the husband-bullying meanie of the past but instead a veteran reality star with a sense of humor – and a future.

As rumored, Gosselin took part in Jimmy Fallon‘s bravura opening number, allowing the reality star to poke fun of her pedestrian turn on last season’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ When she tried to join the celebrity glee club crooning Bruce Springsteen‘s “Born To Run,” Tina Fey stopped Kate cold and fibbed, “We don’t have any room.” Ouch.

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But hey, good for Kate. She was in on the joke. And she was also onstage with the entire crew when the show went live. “It was scary, like going back to the days of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” she told Entertainment Weekly. “ But everybody was just as nervous as I was. They are not dancers, really, so it made me feel a lot more comfortable.”

“It was like my redemption for ‘Dancing with the Stars,'” she offered. “It was like, you know what? I am not going to be nervous, it is not going to steal my excitement and my joy. I am doing this. It was so fun. Major adrenaline.”

Gosselin also intimated she could be interested in trying to act – “to get out of me and be somebody else.”

How do you think Kate fared? Do you think she can be successful as an actress?

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