Rachael Harris Brings Her Foul Mouth To ‘My Boys’

Rachel Harris on My Boys (TBS)

Rachel Harris on My Boys (TBS)

Rachael Harris is the queen of comedic supporting roles.  Best known for playing Ed Helms shrew of a girlfriend in ‘The Hangover,’ the bespectacled actress has guest starred on nearly every sitcom, as well as starring in the short lived series ‘Notes From The Underbelly‘ and ‘In the Motherhood.’  Beginning on Monday, Harris brings her dry wit to TBS’ sit-com ‘My Boys.’  She will be playing Marcia, the new love interest of wanna-be ladies man Mike (Jamie Kaler).  Harris revealed how her character fits into the show’s testosterone-heavy universe and why Marcia just might be the only woman who can put up with Mike for more than three dates.

Tell me about your character.
It takes a special kind of lady to appreciate Mike.  He’s eccentric.  Marcia is very open and appreciates him a lot.  She’s kind of aware that he’s sort of a dork and she finds it endearing.  She’s kind of a nut. They both kind of get along in this nutty way.  I’m still very dry. I can’t help it.  That’s just who I am but I think they make a really adorable couple.  I love them.

How do she and Mike meet?  Does she get along with the rest of the gang?
Marcia lives next door to Jim Gaffigan’s character.  What happens is that Mike ends up house sitting.  I move in.  I go next door to say hello and I meet him.  We start to get to know each other that way.  Then I start to get to know everybody in the group and they’re all kind of like, ‘When is she going to realize who Mike is?’ They’re all waiting for the other shoe to drop, for me to be like, ‘You’re a nut bag and I’m out of here.’  Marcia has been through some stuff herself.  She’s very open and kind of perfect for him at this point.

What was it like to join ‘My Boys’?
That show is like a well oiled machine.  I’m friends with Brendan Smith who is one of the writers.  He wrote one of the episodes that I was lucky enough to get to do. They all are so relaxed and work together so well in an ensemble because the writers, directors everyone really gets the tone of the show.   ‘In The Motherhood,’ for example, they were still trying to find it.  They know each character so well, hear their voice.  I loved Jamie Kaler. I think we have a great chemistry together. I got to be nice on the show, so that was really, really nice.

Will there be room for more of your character after this three episode arc on ‘My Boys’ ?
I hope so.  We’ll have to see if we get picked up for another season, but I would like nothing more than to continue with this character.

The premise of the show is a tomboy who hangs out with guys.  Do you relate to that?
I really relate to that because having come from The Groundlings and being one of the funny girls and, for example, working on ‘The Hangover.’  When we shot the wedding scene all of the guys and I would sit around and make each other crack up.  I have a very foul mouth.  I feel like I can keep up.  I’m comfortable in a room full of boys.

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