What Was Your Favorite Emmys Moment? Plus: Ratings Are In!

Jon Hamm "backs that mother up" for "dance coach" Betty White in the Emmy Awards' opening skit

Jon Hamm "backs that mother up" for "dance coach" Betty White in the Emmy Awards' opening skit

NBC’s Jimmy Fallon-hosted broadcast of the Primetime Emmy Awards was entertaining on multiple fronts – including the variety of winners (reliable repeaters mixed in with a flurry of first-timers) and the prepared comedy/performance bits. Perhaps as a result, the show held onto last year’s audience and emerged as one of the most-watched Emmycasts in four years, with 13.5 million viewers.

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Me, I just got done watching the ‘Glee‘-ful opening number for like the fifth time, because it is simply wall-to-wall fun. Sure, watching ‘Mad’ Man Jon Hamm shake his moneymaker for Betty White made for an easy giggle, but I smile widest when ‘Vampire Diaries’ hottie Nina Dobrev literally springs from the wings into the hallway to join Fallon, Tina Fey et al. Her sinewy-sexy moment comes at the 1:20 mark in the clip below:

[iframe http://o.aolcdn.com/videoplayer/AOL_PlayerLoader.swf?videoid=598918928001&&stillurl=http://pdl.stream.aol.com/pdlext/aol/brightcove/aolmaster/1612833736/1612833736_598905297001_ari-origin29-arc-177-1283131223265.jpg 590 360]

For one, it was nice to see The CW represent in the all-star medley, and two, Nina seemed really into it. (No wonder she once auditioned for ‘Glee’!) Another small but great moment from that sketch is the exchange ‘tween Betty White and Chris Colfer: “What the hell are you looking at?”

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Another Emmy night crowd-pleaser was a clip in which ‘Modern Family‘ mulls Season 2 changes, including a 3-D episode in which Sofia Vergara simply walks toward the camera, and a “tragic” twist that first deposits George Clooney in widow Claire’s life… and then Gloria’s… and then Mitchell and Cameron’s.

As I said last night during Fancast’s live chat, Clooney there proved again why he is more than an international movie star, but more an all-around entertainment icon. No matter how famous this not-entirely-unattractive gets, he never forgets his TV roots. In fact, George revealed backstage that ‘Modern Family’ is one of his favorite shows on air right now, in addition to ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘The Good Wife.’

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What was your favorite moment from this year’s Emmys? Did it come from of the aforementioned bits? Was it Matthew Perry recoiling from Ricky Gervais’ offer of a beer? Was it Kim Kardashian singing – and if so, when did you last have your ears checked? Or are you a sadist who took pleasure in the on-stage misadventures of January Jones, Julia Ormond or Claire Danes?

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