Is Brandy ‘DWTS’ Season 11’s Frontrunner?

Singer Brandy (Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images)

Singer Brandy (Photo: Charley Gallay/Getty Images)

“Uh uh!” Brandy is quick to dismiss the fact that others are calling her the one to beat this season. “I keep hearing that. What people don’t understand is I have never been a good dancer. Dancing has never been one of my strongest points.”

At least one of her ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ competitors, however, feels otherwise.

Kurt Warner, the first NFL quarterback to tackle the show, told Fancast during ABC’s live cast announcement event in Hollywood Monday night, “I would say the one person, if I put them in a line and just said who scares me the most? I would say Brandy. She’s performed in front of people live. She’s danced. She’s musically inclined, obviously. These are all things I think are benefits when it comes to the competition. I think she’s got a little bit of an advantage over the rest of us.”

New ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Cast Announced

Kurt’s got a point. Consider the facts:

Fact 1. She sings, which means she’s musical and music-folks normally have good rhythm.
Fact 2. She has danced during her concerts and in her music videos.
Fact 3. She danced ballroom in her 1997 movie ‘Cinderella.’

The platinum-selling R&B artist still says “uh-uh” to all of that.

“Anybody that’s ever seen me perform, they saw me with a mic in my hand and the dancers were behind me making me look like I could dance,” she explained. “With this show, you really have to bring it. I’ve never salsa danced. I ballroomed a little bit on ‘Cinderella,’ but that was 15 years ago. I forgot all the preparation, the whole process of that. So it’s a whole new experience for me.”

Still, when asked who has the most experience and who has the least experience out of the just-announced cast, co-host Tom Bergeron didn’t have to think twice for an answer: “I’m going Brandy/Bristol. Yeah.”

“I want to see how Brandy does the first week,” added Bergeron, “but an ABC exec said to me before I knew the list, ‘This is going to remind you more of season one where we’re sort of down to the wire with Kelly Monaco and John O’Hurley.’ I said, Okay. I’m up for that.”

Another edge Brandy has is that out of everyone in the cast we interviewed this week, she clearly wants it the most. “Vote for me,” she said after the interview. “I need it more than anyone else. I want to come back to music, that’s my goal.”

How do you think Brandy will do? Do you think she has a leg up on the rest? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Kirstie Alley Is NOT Among the New ‘Dancing’ Cast:

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