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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Do you have any new information on Henry Ian Cusick’s ‘Law & Order: SVU‘ character, and what’s in store for him and Benson (played by Mariska Hargitay)? – Dee93
The ‘Lost’ alum was hesitant to spill too much on his ‘SVU’ stint when I saw him at the Emmys, but he did say that graphic artist Erik and Benson “first meet in a train station, there’s sort of a flirtation, and it goes on from there.” Though Cusick is around for just two episodes – the September 22 season opener and the one after that – he promises, “It’s going to be an interesting role.”

Chris Meloni: ‘SVU’ Has ‘Never Looked Better, Or Younger’

I cannot wait for ‘Glee‘s return – any scoop to share? – Alicia
Heather Morris – who looked positively golden at the Emmys – told me that in the Britney Spears/Brittany-centric episode airing September 29, “People will see more of what I do as an artist, which is dancing.” (If you’ve ever seen Heather back up Beyoncé, you know girl’s got mad moves.) Morris also said that while we will learn Brittany’s last name, her increasingly fleshed-out Cheerio won’t also gain a brain. “No, that’s confirmed – I will not be smarter!” she happily reported.

Do you have any information on ‘Glee’s Rachel and Finn? – Patricia K.
Between this scene shot (from E!) and this Twitpic (from Lea Michele), I’d say things are looking very good!

Do you have any scoop on ‘Nikita‘? Especially on Melinda Clarke‘s character? – Angela
Shortly after the CW action-drama debuts on September 9, it will be revealed that the ‘O.C.’ alum’s character, Amanda, is nicknamed “The Inquisitor” because of her very thorough interrogation skills. Meaning, if you’re a hostile being detained by the top-secret Division and you won’t talk, expect a visit from Amanda… and don’t be surprised if she comes wearing (eek) a latex glove.

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With the ‘Caprica‘ actors’ contracts expiring, executive producer David Eick said we’d hear a decision on Season 2 by August 15. It’s now almost September. Is the show canceled? – Pete
That deadline came and went, yes, but a source very close to Syfy’s ‘Caprica’ told me during Emmys weekend that NBC Universal worked out an “extension” that bought them until November to make a call on a pick-up. So hold out hope, Pete.

At Comic-Con, John Schneider said the ‘Smallville‘ Season 10 premiere (airing Sept. 24) features “the best-written scene I’ve ever done on [the show].” Any details? – Kipper
“I agree with him,” exec producer Brian Petersen said of Schneider’s rave. “He has a great scene with Tom Welling – kind of a reunion thing.” EP Kelly Souders added that Pa Kent’s improbable “return” is designed to kick off the final season with a bit of “the warmth, the mentor and sort of moral compass that Jonathan always was in Clark’s life – and that Clark has kind of been missing. He brings that aspect of ‘Smallville’ back.” Yes, this item is brought to you by Kleenex.

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EW’s Michael Ausiello says that ‘Smallville’s Erica Durance is playing DC’s Isis. So, is she playing the comic/TV character or not? – history1776 via Twitter
Mere moments after I hit play on Oz’s video, I quadruple-confirmed what I had heard and posted in last week’s Big Tease. And I had it right: According to exec producer Kelly Souders, ED is doing double duty as an Egyptian goddess named Isis, but she is not the DC Comics character.

I was happy to hear that Brian Benben is now a series regular on ‘Private Practice,’ but do you have any idea what Sheldon will be up to? – Catalina
Alas, I don’t – nor does Brian! “I mean, he’s been rejected by everybody on the show!” the actor notes with a laugh. Still, Benben sees the glass as half-full. “There’s an ever-widening parade [of characters] on these shows, so we’ll see what happens.”

‘Angel’s Jenny Mollen said on Twitter that she will be appearing on ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles‘ (premiering September 29). Any scoop on her role? – Gabby
The erstwhile Nina Ash is guest-starring as Carly Morris, a party girl who is the recipient of some very, very nice gifts from her “clients.” She’ll be in just one episode.

Thank you so much for sharing the news about David Tennant and the ‘Fright Night’ remake during your Emmy tweets. Did he say anything about the status of NBC’s ‘Rex Is Not Your Lawyer’? – Dawn
I did ask about ‘Rex’ – which last I heard was being eyed by USA Network after NBC opted not to order the series – and Tennant confirmed what we sorta knew: It’s truly and sincerely dead. Shame, too – in addition to the former Doctor Who, ‘Rex’ also starred ‘Mad Men’ schoolteach Abigail Spencer.

‘CSI: Miami’s Adam Rodriguez: ‘The Prodigal Son Returns!’

Anything on how Eddie Cibrian will be written off of ‘CSI: Miami‘? – Tami
Since you apparently missed this story that quite bluntly reveals Jesse Cardoza’s fate, I’ll offer this sanitized version from Eva La Rue (aka Natalia): “In the season premiere, we lose Eddie Cibrian.” Turning to the bigger picture – that is, ‘Miami’s new Sunday time slot – Eva believes it could prove to be a better, more DVR-proof fit for the show’s fans. “It’s going to really interesting to see how they cover up Emily Procter’s pregnancy, Adam Rodriguez (Eric) is back…. There are a lot of good reasons to watch.”

I read that the ‘Covert Affairs‘ season finale is in mid-September. How long will I have to live without it? And to cope during its absence, what show(s) should I add to my Tivo season pass list? – Alicia
Sad but true, ‘Covert Affairs’ double-episode season finale airs September 14 – and the spy drama won’t be back until summer 2011. In the meantime, I would suggest that you DVR/watch On Demand the new shows ‘Nikita‘ (Thursdays, The CW) and ‘Undercovers‘ (Wednesdays, NBC), both of which offer a similar mix of espionage, intrigue and romance.

Kiss And Tell: ‘Modern Family’ Gets Set For Same-Sex Smooch

I am so happy about the Emmys for ‘Modern Family‘ and Eric Stonestreet. Do you have any scoop to celebrate? – Nancy
Well, in addition to meeting Cameron’s mom, Eric revealed backstage at the Emmys that in one Season 2 episode we will learn that Cam really, really “likes bike shorts, and he doesn’t get that they’re not appropriate [everyday] attire.” As such, he spends the whole episode enveloped in Spandex.

I was excited to hear that Gale Harold will play Marti’s law professor on ‘Hellcats‘! Do you have any scoop on his character, or any idea how many episodes he’ll be in? – Tariel22
As I scooped back in July, Gale’s law prof is someone Marti (played by Aly Michalka) will look up to – but not necessarily hook up with. At least not right away, seeing as The CW series will quickly handspring the blonde bombshell into a triangle with BFF Dan (‘Harper’s Island’s Matt Barr) and fellow cheerleader Luis (’One Tree Hill’s Robbie Jones). At this time, Harold’s episode count is TBD.

Backstage At The Emmys: Who Said What?!

Does ‘The Good Wife‘s Kalinda have a male or female love interest next season? Lesbians everywhere are wondering! – gabydunn via Twitter
When the CBS hit kicks off its sophomore season on September 28, don’t expect new light to be shed on Kalinda’s proclivities anytime soon. As Emmy winner Archie Panjabi said after claiming her much-deserved prize, “I’m as taken back by her mystery as the audience is, and her sexuality is one thing I still haven’t figured out. When [Kalinda] does confess it to me, I will certainly reveal it.”

Did you see ‘Glee’s Dianna Agron at the Emmys, Matt? – kb5961 via Twitter
See her? Yes. She walked thisclose to me. But talk to her? [Grumble] The luminous Dianna continues to be the Moby Dick to my Ahab. The Suzanne Somers to my Richard Dreyfus.

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